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Pontes Kickups

title:Pontes Kickups
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Pontes games
release:December 2012
last edit by:Dark


Pontes Kickups is a rather more evolved version of those sterrio targiting fast action style games, this time based upon the time honoured sport of seeing how long you can keep a ball in the air. Developed with Bgt (though it doesn't need to be installed), the aime of the game is quick and simple to understand.

The game is played on a field 24 steps wide, which a player can move across to the right or left with the arrow keys. A ball descends from the sky, and the player must get under it and flip it back to the cieling by pressing control, thus scoring a point, and making it begin falling down elsewhere. the more points the player gets before the ball falls to the ground, the better his/her over all place on the games scoreboard. pontes Kickups also adds difficulty levels, which dictate how close a player needs to be to the falling object to score a hit.

Perhaps the most unique thing about Pontes Kickups is that the game supports creation of a variety of different mods and uses of sounds for both the games backgground music, and it's sounds within the game even though the gameplay remains the same. the game comes with the default ping pong ball sounds, but also includes a mod featuring a rumbling bolling ball, and another in which the player controls a barking dog who must scare the cat into jumping high into the air. Creating a mod is as simple as adding sounds in Og format to the correct folder and selecting it, and full instructions can be found in the games manual which may be Read here online with sapi used to read the actual in game text such as scores, modding is also far easier sinse a person only needs the sounds for the game. just remember that if you create a mod it's a good idea to send it to Pontes games to be included in a newer version.

One exception to this is the adult xxx rated mod created by vincent. If you would like that mod, you can download it here However remember that it does have an exclusively adult sexual theme and thus should not be played by people under the appropriate age. the mod also requires a password, which can be found in this topic on the forum

You can find out more about Pontes games on The pontes games page on The audiogame archive site

Happy bouncing.


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