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download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Jeremy Kaldobsky also known as Aprone
release:May 2016
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


The rather oddly named Preludimals is (as you might deduce), the prequal to Lunimals. Set in the Lunatech labs, the game doesn't involve luna colonization, but instead the rather more arduous task of directing the laboratory equipment, a task requiring just as much by way of brains and logic as managing your own personal luna biodome, though logic of a rather different sort.

In the game, you must build tracks around the lab for a robotic arm to move on, then set the arm rolling to perform different tasks. The arm is used to pick up crates and other resources, and also eradicate rats who have run wild across the lab. Despite the fact that said rats rather conveniently stay still in order to be squished, building the track is a more difficult job than you might expect. The arm has only limited battery life, and can only run in one direction along the track until it meets a turning point, additionally you need to avoid killing mice along the way and often perform other tasks with the arm, which will also involve placing different elements along the track to change the arm's control, from recharge points to replenish the batteries, to buttons for the arm to be raised or lowered or change the configuration of the track. The game is simple to play, since you move around a grid with the arrow keys using letters to place peaces, and also noting the positions of elements such as rats to kill or blocks to position the track around. Once you've built the track to your satisfaction, hit spacebar to set the arm rolling and see how your plans have worked, with both an audio and spoken explanation of the arm's movements.

All of this makes for a complex game rather similar to graphical transport puzzle games such as Sokoban or Pipe Mania, and a distinct test for your spacial and engineering skills, even as the story of several board lab workers exploits which you get between missions might test your patience.

The game contains 12 levels, though you can also create your own levels with the in built editer if you wish, it is also self voicing with Ms Sapi or can output to Window Eyes, Nvda or Jaws too. In addition, it possesses symplified graphics for those with limited vision or for play along side sighted friends and family.

Along with the trademark Aprone surreal humour and horribly addictive gameplay, the game is also free, though any donations on Aprone's website to support his development are greatfully received.

As usual, find out more about Aprone's games over at The audiogames archive

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