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Private Detective School

title:Private Detective School
url:No link!
download page:No link!
genre:Audio Adventures
developer:Code Factory
features:sound, visuals
last edit by:Sander


Though the company Code factory still exist, the status of their games is

This is the latest game from Code Factory. The following is taken from the website:

"A crime has been committed in the Green Leaf Detective Academy. Three pedals from the Headmaster's Merlin organ have gone missing, and only a combination of these can open the safe where the diplomas are kept. Hurry! The graduation ceremony is in three days and they need those diplomas. Without your help the school is doomed!"

Product Highlights:

  • Dozens of sound effects and animated drawings.
  • Original soundtracks. 
  • Easy-to-access menus. 
  • In two languages: Spanish and English. 
  • New intuitive user interface. 
  • No installation required. Simply insert the CD-ROM and start to play. "

The gameplay is similar to Time Adventures, also from Code Factory. You use the arrow keys to move from object to object on the screen. F1 will describe the scene, f2 will look at the selected object, f3 will carry out an action (take, open, etc.), f4 will talk to a person, f5 will use a sllected object from the inventory. For more help with how to play, you press f12.

Though no longer available from code factory, Comp room services in the Uk are stil selling copies of the game. their site can be found here


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