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Project Aon

title:Project Aon
download page:No link!
platform:Online or downloaded html
release:1999, ongoing
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Project Aon is a site devoted to preserving and publicising the Lone wolf series of gamebooks pby Jo divar, first published throughout the 80's.

unlike other gamebooks (such as fighting fantasy), the lone wolf series is a continuous set of adventures about the same character, the fighting Monk Lone wolf. you therefore keep your character stats and equipment as you play through the many books of the series, and actually accumulate skills and other abilities as the series progresses

Begining in the land of sommerlund, you play as Lone wolf, the last surviving member of a sect of fighting monks called the kai lords. As the series begins, the Kai lords have been wiped out by the power hungry Darklords of helgedad, and it's up to you to not only warn the king of the darklord's threatening attack, but also retrieve the legendary sommerswerd to lead the fight against them.

from there the story continues, through many hazardous environments and epic quests, as you progress in your journey to learn all the diciplins of the kai and become a kai master.

also on the site is the Greystar the wizard series, a Quadrilogy of books about the wizard Greystar, set in the same world as lone wolf, and the magnamund companion, a source book about the world.

Project Aon have also recently started making html versions of Jo Divar's post apocalyptic gamebook series, Freeway warrior, which are also available as Html

sinse the books are written in standard html, they are highly accessible to screen readers. many also have specifically screen reader friendly versions developed with extra features such as handy links to the combat results table and labled images. they may also be downloaded for offline play, and spanish versions of several of the books are also available.

Please note, that not all books on the Project Aon site are accessible, sinse as well as the Lone wolf gamebooks, the site also hosts some graphic novels and poster painting books which for obvious reasons are not screen reader friendly. Sadly, this also goes for the four two player adventure books in the warlord and sorcerer series, ---- but with all of the lone wolf books, Greystar the wizard and! freeway warrior, there should be plenty to keep you busy.

the books do not feature any internal dice system. originally (in their printed form), they featured a random number table with the numbers 0-9 in a random order, so that the player dropped a pensil or similar onto the table to pick, which would then be used in the text, or looked up on the combat results table to see how much damage Lone wolf and his opponent take in a combat round. Thanks to the free, self-voicing Gma dice program from gma games, this neednot be a problem however.

additional resources

the gma dice program may be downloaded Here on the Gma games site

Project Aon also has a highly active Player forum found here Where people are always ready to help out Vi players.

A player by the name of Zip has recently also started writing up some extra material for the Lone wolf series, which use the lone wolf system and rules to make for some intreaguing boss batles throughout the Lone wolf books. These are also deffinately worth a play through and will surely make your playing experience even more fun. You can find those extra resources Here on the outspaced site


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