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Project Bob

title:Project Bob
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developer:Project Bob
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Unfortunately, The Project Bob game was taken down a while ago and is no longer available to connect to, even their website is no longer functioning. The current status of the mud is unknown.

Project bob is another huge online rpg style mud in which you create your fantasy themed character and wander the large kingdom of midgard in search of fame and glory. Play as races such as woodelf, angel, demon or lykanthrope, and acquire skills as you perform quests, battle monsters and complete missions in dangerous and ever changing dungeons.

Where however project bob's particular unique take on this style comes is it's massive open ended gameplay. Instead of creating a character type, or even choosing one or more classes, you simply learn skills or magic from a variety of groups, and can put perk points into improving them or diversifying. The number of ifferent combat techniques, spells, and other abilities in the game is truly huge, and the way you advance is entirely open to choice, ---- plus if your ever unhappy with your choices you can undo all! descisions and redistribute your points. Randomly generated equipment, pets who fight at your side, the use of lore books to create devastating combination attacks with various techniques, this is not a game where you can run around just typing "attack"

It is not just in it's techniques and battling that project bob is unique. Randomly generated equipment including a full crafting system to make new gear, dungeons, randomly generating missions and monsters taylered to your level, plus bounty missions as well as lots of tasks and quests requiring the more conventional exploration and talk to npcs.

A lot of time has been spent on creating the game to be as convenient for players as possible. For instance, other than being teleported to a healer, there is no penalty upon dying, and you will not lose any equipment, gold or stats. Healing is extremely quick, and even in exploring the game you can directly port yourself to a given monster or discover it's location if it's the targit of a bounty mission.

unfortunately all this customization in the game does come at something of a price, sinse this is an extremely! stat heavy game, with various sorts of character skills, techniques, perk points and other things to master, as well as detailed stats about all equipment, creatures and areas. This can make matters somewhat difficult at first, though in game help and The project bob wiki as well as asking one of the in game tuters and looking at the list of newbie lessons can help make this process a little less tortuous, and the wide variety of quests and randomization in the game do keep things fresh and replayable once your used to the system and mechanics.

In terms of the game access, typing "help screen reader" will show you several usefull settings for reducing spam text and organizing the display as you wish. In particular, the ability to change what information is shown on the mud's prompt that appears each turn is extremely helpfull, particularly sinse you can customize this to your characters' own needs.

To connect to the game, use the address projectbob.game-host.org on port 4000 with the mud client of your choice such as Mushclient see index or Vip mud indeed, Vip mud comes with project bob in it's mud list by default.

You can Go here for projects bob page on the mud connector which hopefully will announce if the game ever returns.

Unlike some other accessible muds, there is no soundpack for the game, however with a huge range of very variable mechanics there is plenty of highly absorbing information especially if you enjoy customization and highly tactical combat.


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