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Random Adventure Roguelike II

title:Random Adventure Roguelike II
download page:link
genre:Role Playing Games
features:text, sound, visuals
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Explore an infinite world through a text-adventure role playing game with roguelike elements!

A solo indie-dev aims to bring an old-school style to modern day Android devices. This is accomplished with an easy to understand interface, a few iconic buttons, and several information screens. Players are empowered to navigate a proceedurally generated world full of danger and treasure.

Embark upon a quest to defeat The Tyrant, a infamous villain who has spread evil far and wide. But, is The Tyrant the greatest evil in existence? Will killing him really save the world?

Explore endless islands, craft your equipment, potions, materials, tools, bombs, and more! Learn a plethora of magic spells, improve your skills, and capture monsters to train them as your pets! Collect all the plants, fish, ore, and insects! Obtain the favor of the merchants, helpless townsfolk, or even the King! Slay bosses! Obtain the best gear you can… and much, much more!

Made by one developer (who is aided by an active community in Discord), the game continues to update and improve, regularly adding more content.

The text-based design allows visually impaired and blind people to play by using the Talkback tool.


Random Adventure Roguelike II is, like its name would suggest, a game that gets many of its mechanics from the titular genre. When creating your character, you can choose between a staggering number of races and talents that affect what stats, abilities and recipes your character will start with. You then wake up on an island next to a shipwreck with no idea what happened. Fortunately, you meet a young boy who just happens to be the son of an inkeeper who tells you where it is... And so begins your quest.


Navigation, like in most other roguelikes, is done by walking in the 4 compass directions. You have a clear display of your current position, as well as the contents of the tile you're on. These may include NPC's you can talk to, items you can pick up, as well as mobs you can enter into turn-based combat with. As this is a Roguelike, it's very easy to die, so you need to choose your battles carefully. Thankfully, the mobs have their level displayed next to them, and many of them aren't aggressive so you can just walk away from them. If you do find yourself in combat, you have a large number of magical spells, skills, and weapons at your disposal, and you can craft your very own if you find buying things from a shop boring.


The game is extremely accessible with screen readers. All buttons are clearly labelled, and although you may sometimes need to consult with an ascii map to figure out your surroundings, the map size can be changed and by default shows a very small area around you so you don't feel overwhelmed. In addition, all quest objectives are given in coordinates and if you find yourself in a dungeon you can get told where the exits out of the room are. Couple this with original music and some sound effects, and you've got an absolutely massive game which is a blast to play!


The download link above leads to a demo version of the game, which only includes some of the races, allows you only 1 save slot and lets you play your character up to level 5 in the first island. If you like what you saw in the demo, the main menu has a button that will take you to the play store page for the full version.


Additional resources


Fellow forum member KenshiraTheTrinity has started a thread about this game on the forum. It includes a number of helpful pieces of information if you're getting started.


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