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Rockys Audio typing tutor

title:Rockys Audio typing tutor
download page:link
genre:Educational games
developer:Rocky waters
release:May 2018
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Learning to touch type can be a pain, that is why Rocky waters created the audio typing tutor to provide a lot of free help and guidance to anyone having trouble with their keyboard skills, and some games, tests and exercises to make the learning process a bit less tortuous.

The Program explains at the start where to place your hands on the keyboard and where the home keys are. There then follow a number of tests and exercises in sequential order each taking you through different parts of the keyboard. IN the finger exercises, you must type the letters as they are spoken then hit the space bar, whilst in the word exercises you type the word given (sometimes with capitals), and hit space.

The hardest part of the program involves typing hole sentences which get increasingly complex, (and wonderfully weird), as time goes on, indeed the sentences were chosen not just for their typing potential, but also for their ability to make players smile, since nothing is worse than a boring lesson, and random tirades about the goodness of toast, facts about the solar system or the zappy quality of wizards certainly make life interesting. You can also keep speed and accuracy scores on each of the typing exercises arcade style to get an idea of how your doing.

In addition to the exercises and instructions, the program features a hole range of human voices speaking letters (though the words and sentences still need to be spoken by your screen reader), and several attractive background music tracks as well as the ability to alter the text and background colour to help out low vision players.

The program outputs to Nvda, Jaws, Dolphinn Supernova, Pc Talker and system access, as well as being self voicing via sapi. Plus, using sapi there are handy keys to change the voice and alter the speaking rate. Also, the program is absolutely free to use though donations to Rocky waters are gratefully accepted.

With a range of odd sentences, attractive background music and clear and precise instructions, its likely anyone learning to type would find Rocky's audio typing tutor absolutely invaluable, particularly since its likely to be updated in the future, hopefully with more minigames and fun exercises.

Happy typing.


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