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Sarah and the Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry

title:Sarah and the Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry
download page:link
genre:First person adventure
developer:PCS Games
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From the combined mines of Phil vlasac of pcs games, Jim henson and J.k. rowling comes the most spell binding full 3D exploration and action audio game ever!

Sarah, a 17 year old witch fresh from her stint at the Salem Witches' institute visits England in july of 1995. After dropping into diagon alley and visiting the shop Weesly's wizard Wheezes, she hears a great deal about the magical castle of Hogwarts. After buying a headless hat, she sets off with her Mother's second hand wand to explore the castle for herself

Climbing the stairs up to the castle door she knocks, and the door creeks open to let her in. inside the castle, over the next thirteen hours Sarah will have the time of her life! there are puzles to solve, challenges to unlock, and magical items to be found, everything from a copy of the Marauders' map, to a flying motorbike once owned by Syrius black, not to mention an assortment of wands, magical books, sweets and coins!

But Sarah will need all the help she can find, because though it's summer and the students (including a certain boy with a lightning shaped scar on his forhead), are not around, the school is far from empty. First (and worst), is the concentrated unpleasantness of Argus filch, the schools bad tempered care taker who'll lose no time in reporting Sarah in to the authorities and getting her in real hot water should he catch her, ---- though by his own admition he'd much rather string her up by her thumbs in his office. then, Several of the school ghosts from the timid Nearly headless nick to the mischievious Pieves are wofting around the corridors, not to mention hagrid's pet three headed dog, ---- and maybe even the King of serpents itself. Nastier creatures stil might put in an appearence too, including a goblin out to grab gold and (worst of all), a Dementor!

With hours of gameplay, stunning audio, many helpful hotkeys, a choice of navigation modes, some fantastic voice acting and original and atmospheric music borrowed from the Jim henson film labyrinth, this is one audio gaming experience not to be missed. Even if your not familiar with the adventures of Potter, this is one fantastic game! and Phil has provided some handy information in the game manual about Hogwarts and it's inhabitants which should help you through some of the game's more Potter specific puzles.

Needless to say, the game is entirely self-voicing, though one portion of the game (telling Sarah's fortune in the divination classroom), will require a Sapi tts engine to be installed.

If you want to try out the game first, there is of course a demo available which lets you play for 20 minutes on the ground floor and basement levels of the game, which all in all should give you a good idea of what you can expect, without revealing too much.

Additional resources.

Sinse it's initial release, Sarah has been patched several times to add extra features and remove some bugs. The latest patch version is Patch 04, which adds a host of new features, ---- everything from new locations to extra spells. It's deffinately worth downloading, and you can Download it here

You can also click here to listen to Kelly seppergia's review of the game

For more about Phil Vlasac and Pcs games, you can visit The Pcs page on the audiogames archive site

As you might have gathered from reading this description, This game is highly recommended, and deffinately worth a look.


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