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genre:Arcade Games
release:March 2022
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Are you ready for fast paced action the likes of which has rarely been seen before? Are you ready for round after addicting round of intense, high speed, and riveting chaos? Are you ready… to Scramble? Welcome to the latest arcade title from Steven D! Race against the clock of impending doom to accumulate the highest score possible and leave a legacy of respect by showing up everyone on the scoreboards! Collect items, avoid high speed cannon balls and lethal flying bricks, and Scramble to grab as many items as you can, all while avoiding a merciless, rapidly expanding pit that threatens to eventually consume everything in its path without yield or consideration!

From the developer of Oh Sh*t comes the bigger, meaner, nastier much anticipated sequel. Scramble may very well be one of the most obscenely fast-paced, complex arcade games this side of audio gaming. Unlike the predecessor, everything takes place in a 3d 50x50 field. You quite literally run around collecting as many points as possible, all the while avoiding getting rocked in America, or rather getting cabonged by rocks that are thrown from platforms higher above. Said platforms are also where special items and powerups are spawned if enough points are collected in a short interval. You climb onto said platforms using the metal ladders underneath, though once you get up there you'll need to stay on guard as here is where the infamous canonballs will be launched at you. You'll need to jump them, all the while being careful not to jump off the platform.
While all this is happening, the field is being eaten alive by a massively destructive pit of doom. The pit starts from the bottom upward, expanding every few seconds until it eventually takes up the whole field. Consequently this game isn't exactly an endless runner, for if you can survive the whole game until the pit consumes the whole field, you'll come out a winner, all be it a scrambled, mangled and barbequed one as you'll still be eaten by the pit.
The game features several unlockable game modes that make the game even more insane than it already is, along with tens of badges and a scoreboard. The game features extremely meticulous stats that can be viewed after your game, or via the online scoreboard. Further, the game features an entire library's worth of wise-ass commentary not just within the badges you will obtain, but in the form of the announcer Mister scramble himself voiced by one Liam Erven.
The game retails for $16.48, and given the shere amount of unlockable content and replay value, this game certainly stands up to its price and then some. The demo lets you play the normal mode as many times as you wish, all be it without the ability to post scores or earn achievements.
With near limitless replay value and a wonderfully retro soundscape, this short-run game is sure to give you hours of highly addictive insanity.


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