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Skechbook (Your World)!

title:Skechbook (Your World)!
download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
release:March, 2017
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Despite being a descendent of the well known arcade kill fest Scrolling battles, SBYW as it's affectionately known is now a very complete game in its own right.

Played entirely online, the game actually is less about the battles, than about the scrolling. The game will let you run, jump and climb your way around various environments, jumping pits, avoiding hazards and solving complex mazes and other puzzles. Uniquely however, most of these levels, maps as they're called are made by users of the game since as well as giving you a full online community with chat functions, tracking of stats and other players and more the game comes with a completely integrated, easy to use online building system which will let you create your own maps and share them with others.

Though you can write your own maps in a text file, the builder make the creation process quick and easy, letting you move around the map, add tiles, write signs for players to examine and even add your own ambience too, as well as creating those all but too nasty hazards.

Completing maps awards players with coins which can be used in the shop to pay for various items such as a hook to reach and grab onto ledges, shoes to run faster or jump higher, protective vests which prevent falling damage and health potions should your character plummet to their doom,, as happens unfortunately rather often.

As well as single player maps to complete, the game also has a team player option, with the fastest team to finish a map first winning, as well as the chance to create worlds to simply explore for the sake of exploring.

The game is entirely free to download and play, however for those who want to contribute to the costs of keeping the game server running, a $10.99 donation will get you a useful pack of special items including a hook, several hook extensions, some protective vests and healing potions and a special SBYW donater badge.

With new maps continually being worked on, as well as maps inspired by popular audiogames such as Tomb Hunter, and a lively community atmosphere, whether your an explorer, a builder or a side scrolling challenge junky you should find a place in the frenetic world of scrolling battles.

Happy scrolling!


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