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Serania, path of the scion

title:Serania, path of the scion
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Fabletree productions
platform:Ios, Android
release:February, 2021
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


You have never believed you were important, growing up in a small village, you've always had to fight for everything; after all, found in the forest as a baby by your adoptive parents, and believed by many to be just another "forest spawn", your life has never been easy. This proves especially true on the morning you awaken to find the king's elite guards, the black blades, burning the village to the ground massacring everyone in their path, particularly when it seems they might be looking for you..

Serania, path of the scion, the first game from new developer fabletree productions combines the fine points of several different genres of game into one awesome package. With it's atmospheric text, rich, world, memorable characters and story, it very much resembles a gamebook. Choose your actions in different scenes as the story unfolds, with wrong choices leading to injury or worse.

Yet, choosing options is not the only thing you'll need to do. Discover items to aid you in your quest, and remember to examine each of them, as well as keep a careful note of your surroundings to see what you might find.

Yet, an observant eye isn't the only thing you'll need on your quest, since in a world rife with danger, with the vicious black blades always on your tale, violence is not far away. During fights, choose what enemy you are targeting, and what sort of attacks you might engage in with your weapon, or indeed with magic when you earn it. Gain experience through both completing tasks around the world, and engaging in battles, learn skills, don armour, and improve your knowledge of weapons and magic, indeed since your character can engage in many side quests, missions and extra turnings along their journey, exploring your surrounding is absolutely recommended..

As well as combining gamebook, traditional interactive fiction and role playing game into one handy package, Serania also comes with a full scale soundtrack featuring atmospheric music.

In accessibility terms, everything has been worked out well. Text appears slowly on screen as choices are clicked, and players can swipe their way through the text as normal. Additionally the developer has added a "navigation", setting to the voiceover Rotor, letting a player instantly flip to the character stats and hints at the top of the screen, the game text, and the choices at the bottom.

the first quarter of the story (including quite a bit of exploration), may be downloaded and played for free, but to get access to the rest, a four dollar in ap purchase is necessary.

With a fasicnating world, an ongoing quest, and gameplay that is both easy enough for a quick pick up and play, and yet complex enough to engage your attention. Serania, path of the scion is definitely one not to be missed for rpg fans.


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