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Shark game

title:Shark game
download page:No link!
genre:Incremental games
platform:Online, web browser
features:text, visuals
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Shark game, also called strange oceans, is one of the strangest, yet one of the most addictive incremental games available. You begin as a shark (yes a surprise with that name), and start off doing what sharks do, chilling in the blue ocean eating fish (and likely listening to ominous music by John Williams). Catch a few fish though, and another shark will join your shimmer of sharks (no this is what it's called), and help you catch more. You can then start recruiting rays, crabs and other forms of marine life. Soon enough you will gain the ability to assign one of your sharks to science, and that is where the real fun begins. Go through developing basic skills from making tools to aid your fishing, to discovering how sharks reproduce (surprisingly it involved nurse sharks), to finally plumbing the secrets of sharkonium and exploring the ocean around you.

Finally, enter through a strange gate (assuming you can open it), and find yourself stuck between worlds. Things don't end there now as there are new oceans that require your sharktacular talents, plus of course, each world you conquer awards you with essence which you can of course spend on totems. Go through enough worlds, and you might just find the ultimate purpose of all sharks.

The accessibility in the game takes a little getting used to but is quite fine, particularly if you disable animations in the options settings, and enable use of lists. Most producers and other actions occur as buttons, while headings will take you between important sections of the page such as your log of events, the "Stuff" pannel showing your number of resources and producers, and if you have an extra open for options help or credits, there are also one or two links to take you to places such as your laboratory .

If the buttons to recruit sharks, catch fish etc aren't being as informative as they could be, make sure to use the "toggle descriptions" option, also be aware that though you start off with only a few buttons and possible recruitment options they will soon multiply, so it's recommended to use the links labeled "basic", "frenzy", "producers" etc to keep track of your options.

The game has developed quite a following with even It's own wiki found here though it's recommended to steer clear of the wiki unless you want spoilers.

With humourous writing, a lot to discover and a few hints at complexity (especially when you've passed your starting world and need to manage several more resources), shark game definitely stands out from the usual incrimental game and is thus highly worth trying out.


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