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download page:No link!
genre:Action Games
developer:Lab Zero Games
platform:Steam, (though released for many other platforms, only the Windows version is accessible).
features:text, sound, visuals
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Skullgirls, at its core is a fighting game, using a 6-button control scheme like the Street Fighter series. Set in a world heavily inspired by 40's America, the story revolves around an artifact, called the skullheart. This artifact can fulfill a wish for a girl, but only if her soul and heart are pure. If they're not, then it turns them into a monster (the titular skullgirl), as a carrier for itself.

The cast of characters in the game all have their own agendas, either wanting to stop the skullgirl and destroy the artifact so that it won't corrupt more people, or gain it for themselves. The characters are very diverse, from a catgirl who can detach her head and use it as a projectile, to a nurse using scalples as throwing stars, to a cop beaten to a pulp, then turned into a lung attached to an array of musical instruments which he uses to pummel his opponents with. All characters play very different to each other, suiting different playstyles.

Gameplay will be very familiar to anyone who likes fighting games. One rather unique feature of this game is that either player can decide to play as a tag team of 2 or 3 characters at any time, even against a single character. Playing with multiple characters allows for additional tag combos, but the more characters you use the less health they'll all have over all.

The game is extremely approachable for new players, featuring a massive array of tutorials, starting with the basics of fighting games like movement, attacking, using special moves and blocking, to detailed tutorials for each character explaining all of their special moves as well as how and when they can be used. Thanks to these, Skullgirls is an excellent game to start with for someone just getting into the fighting genre as a whole as all of the concepts can translate into other fighting games.

You can play local and on-line multiplayer to face other players on-line, or go into story mode to play through stories of all characters, which feature cutscenes after every fight. If you grab the second encore DLC, these story sequences will also be voiced. In addition, second encore will give you a lot of additional characters, as well as a challenge mode with over a hundred unique challenges forcing you to play without arms or legs, using only projectiles, not being able to walk or beating multiple fights with just 1 health bar.

The Windows version of the game features full screen reader support thanks to the Tolk library. If you start the game with a screen reader running, all menus and text will be read out. The audio is also excellent, with every character having distinct sounds for their every move, step, and jump, all panned in the stereo field helping you to gage where they are on the stage. For this reason, I would strongly urge you to purchase the game on Windows to get these accessibility features!

The basic game costs 10 dollars, however a variety of dlcs, that is packs of downloadable content are available containing extra characters and modes. In particular, the second encore pack, which also contains speech for story sequences, costs an additional 5 dollars. All packs may be bought for a cost of 30 dollars.

You can get the gameHere on Steam. If this is your first time using Steam, have a look at This guide

Thanks to Pitermach for providing this description.


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