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Smack me

title:Smack me
url:No link!
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Fun mobility
platform:I phone
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Pitermach


This game is no longer available on the app store, and the status of its developer is unknown.

Smack me was a highly challenging rhythm action game for the I phone similar in some ways to the well known hand held game Bop it. The object, as with Bop it is to perform certain actions quickly in rhythm when the electronic sounding voice says, however being an I phone game the actions are far more variable than just hitting the button at a given time. When the phone says "Smack me" for instance you need to tap the screen, while "Shake me" requires shaking the I phone from side to side, and "Pinch me" needs two fingers pinching together on the screen.

Two versions of Smack me exist, a light, demo version which lets you try out a simple easy mode of the game, and a harder paid version (which costs 99 cents, or 69 pence in the Uk ap store), which adds several more advanced features such as faster and harder difficulty modes, as well as two new commands, "Lift me" in which you must lift the phone upwards, and "Freeze me" in which you must do nothing.

Though a simple concept, the very good quality of the retro arcade style music which sounds as though it came straight from an original Nes, and the fact that rather than being a simple endurance and fast reactions test the game works purely by rhythm makes things slightly more interesting than you would expect.

Unfortunately, though the game itself is highly playable being sound alone, including speaking of your score, the interface does feature buttons which are not labeled with Voice over. In the light version, the first button you get to is start game, while the next will take you back to the Ap store. In the full version, the first three buttons are easy, medium and hard difficulty respectively. Despite these miner access issues the game is still highly playable including entering your name.


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