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Song quiz

title:Song quiz
download page:No link!
genre:Trivia games
developer:Volley Inc
platform:Amazon Alexa
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Song quiz is a rather similar game in some ways to Volley trivia and is a treat for anyone with an intensive knolege of popular music.

Pit your wits against people on the same Alexa device, or indeed against players around the world, as you hear snatches of pop songs, and need to identify the song, and the name of the artist singing it. Pick your favourite decade of music from the fifties to the twenty tens, and earn experience as you play further games, ranking up and getting more and more ludicrous sounding titles.

To play, simply enable Song quiz on your Alexa device, or Go here for the amazon page

Holiday song quiz

Volley also make a holiday themed version of Song quiz, entitled Holiday song quiz. No ranks or playing against others this time, just challenge either yourself, or your family to identify those dreaded christmas songs, and still worse, earn extra points for knowing who sang them, perfect for a festive afternoon, and not at all likely to cause family fights when your dad Confuses bing Crosby and Nat King coal. . Find The Holiday song quiz page here

Happy quizzing.


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