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genre:Role Playing Games
release:2008, ongoing
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Soundmud was the original name of the project that later became Sound rts see index The project contained both a real time stratogy game (that later was expanded to the ful sound rts), and an action role playing game. now that Sound rts is most deffinately up and running, work is continuing on what will hopefully become like an online multiplayer world in sound, ie, a sound mud.

The game uses some of the same principles as sound rts, and indeed has some similarity in it's controls. Though you can walk conventionally, it's generally far easier to tab to the targit you want, and hold backspace to walk towards it or interact with it. Thus to fight, tab to a monster and hold backspace, or to pick up a weapon, tab to it and do the same.

The game is eventually planned to some what resemble the diablo series, having many monsters in a small area with landscapes that are somewhat randomly generated. Currently though, things are slightly basic. You can however log onto a server, run around and fight various sorts of zombies, and level up.

spells, quests, and special abilities as well as expanded maps and more monsters are likely to come in the future, and if sound rts is anything to go by this should eventually become a very impressive game.

Like sound rts, the game is completely free, and also uses recorded synth speech for output. Take note that when you run the game for the first time, it'll have to update itself from the website and create you an account for the game, which may take a minute or two during which point the game is utterly silent, (though some progress sounds for this are to come in the future)

For more information, you can read the manual here

To find out more about Jeanluc Pontico and his games you can Visit this page on the Audiogames archive site

Happy slaying.


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