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Space Odyssey

title:Space Odyssey
download page:No link!
developer:ET Virtual Worlds
platform:Online, web brouser
release:2006, ongoing
features:text, visuals
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Space Odyssey is a detailed and complex game of galactic battle and conquest set in the far distant future. After a devastating, galaxy wide war, most planets in the galaxy have been reduced to rubble leaving behind only asteroids and fragments. The last survivers of the intelligent species rome the galaxy in huge space fleets, scavenging what they need from the wreckage and doing war with each other for what resources are available. In Space Odyssey, you take control of one of these huge Motherships and the fleets that guard it. The object of the game is to build up your mothership, design devastating battle fleets, gather income and expand from your hidden base to complete missions, fight off rival ship commanders and eventually build your own space station and mining facility as you colonize a star system.

As is often the case with strategical games, you will be running on a system of turns with you getting new turns every minute. You can extend your mothership to form new segments, and use these segments to build workshops to make extending your ship quicker, warehouses to store goods to trade, or biofarms to automatically produce food (earning you extra credits each turn). You also have a hidden base where you can have workers build for you, and store cash to accumulate interest. Of course all these credits are needed for something, and that is supplying, building and designing your fleets.

In Space Odyssey, you will be commanding and building literally hundreds of starships crewed by space marines. You of course first need to design them from blueprints, by designing hulls, then designing and adding components like power cores, armor, weapons, space for extra marines, computers and shields. All of this is a rather involved process taking both your ship's space and energy into account and the effectiveness of the system, but it lets you design blueprints for ships for literally any occasion, from massive heavy duty battleships, to cheap, easily replaceable fighters, to decoy ships or ships for boarding and capturing others. Once you have the blueprints you can then supply each fleet type with ships to form a devastating armada amounting to ships in their thousand to carve out your place in the galaxy.

As you would expect, you can attack other commanders, raid their hidden bases or board and capture their fleets, however there is a hole lot more to do in the game than just crush other players. Carry out a huge variety of missions against a vast array of enemy fleets, band together with other commanders to fight off incurtions of aliens from other galaxies, mine resources from asteroids, (assuming you can dispose of the hoards of robotic Reavers guarding them of course). Eventually, you can even build your own space station to colonize a star system for you, equipped with a supply of fighters and missiles for defense and the ability to quickly process ore from asteroids, though of course all these technologies will need researching first and for that you'll need to work on your science.

The game also features elements of crafting and trading. You can build new modules for your command ship which let you do different things, or earn them from salvage or from missions, but to do this you'll need resources that can be acquired from mining asteroids, or from trading on the galactic markit.

As you would expect with such a detailed game, the interface can be a little complex, with links at the top to vote for the game, buttons for various functions such as entering the war room, exteding your mothership or undertaking missions. It is also worth noting that the game features often long lists of objects with actions to perform on them using check boxes, radial buttons or edit areas, meaning that a good knolidge of your screen readers' ability to navigate various sorts of internet controls and navigate lists of information in detail would be recommended, though since there are plenty of detailed texts telling you what is happening (including the game logues), you shouldn't be too much at risk of missing something by mistake. Also note that the game does feature a lot of very large numbers written with separations, for example One million would be written as 1.000.000, so you might want to check how your screen reader handles such numbers. Fortunately everything in the game is accessible, and the developers have shown themselves to be extremely helpful with access requests.

A unique fact about Space Odyssey, is that a number of different servers exist with slightly different rules, from the advanced So elite server, to the more intensive So Wars, and even the Seao server where the more terrestrial mod of Space Odyssey, Sea Odysey that replaces the space ships with more conventional sea going vessels can be played.

Of particular note is the So Pve server, which totally disallows attacking of other commanders' ships and just pits you in a constant war against the Reavers, alien incurtions and other nasties. Though the option to change server exists, (find it in the account options if you enter your player id), you can also Sign up on the Pve server on this link.

Another unique fact about Space Odyssey is that you can play in various languages. Options to play in English, Spanish, German or French can be found on the main site or under your account options. The game is entirely free to play, but you can perchice a gold account for 20 usd a year. The gold account lets you have access to various extended options, such as the ability to clone other people's fleet designs without need to design your own, or make your own designs private. You also get various discounts throughout the game to buying ships and the like and twice as much growth from credits in your secret base, plus no adds on pages throughout the game. Alternatively, you can donate directly to recieve credits, extra turns, or commander points, (used to gain more abilities as an experienced fleet commander).

Space Odyssey is one of the more complex games you'll find, with a lot to do and highly detailed gameplay, indeed it is highly recommended people carefully follow the guide found on the main page to get an idea of how to design and build fleets. The complexity is worth grappling with however, since the game has a huge amount to do, and a very unique atmosphere, and it is continually expanded with more activities, more missions not to mention quite literally as many fleets and ship systems as it's players can design. The game is therefore highly recommended to all lovers of the final fronteer.


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