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Spoken slots

title:Spoken slots
download page:No link!
genre:Traditional games
developer:Norman Pettus
release:March 2014
features:text, sound, visuals
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The slot machine has been a gambling staple of casinos for nearly 70 years, from the trusty old one armed bandits of the 1950's, to sophisticated modern varients using everything from facial recognition technology to changes in ambient temperature to try and hook people into the thrill of paying to see three little dials spin in the hopes that they come up matching

Spoken slots is an elegant way of getting your own personal slot machine to carry around on your Ios device, though fortunately sinse all the money is virtual you won't find yourself losing the farm if you don't find those three lucky sevens in time.

The game is completely self voicing and Voiceover isn't required to play, which means there are more opportunities to hear plenty of sound ambience, from a background fairground hum, to all the dings and whistles of the genuine slot machine. To play, just hit one of the four corners representing buttons to bet, spin the wheels, get your current cash, or get help. In addition to just hitting spin, the machine has a few bonus features such as the ability to win free spins that don't require you to drop a dollar in the machine, as well as some extra sound clips.

Two very unique features of the simulation are the ability to set the game to spin when you tilt your device back and forward, simulating pulling the handle on the older generation of machines, or the use of voice recognition meaning it's only necessary to say commands such as "bet", "spin" or "balance" though both of these features are optional.

Spoken slots costs just 99 cents, or 79 P in the British Ap store, so unlike a real slot machine, it shouldn't break your bank account to play it.

additional resources.

As with most Ios titles, Spoken slots has a dedicated page on The Applevis website found here

There is also a podcast from Applevis recording by Kalfen which demonstrates the game. Listen to it here

Happy gambling.


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