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Sryth the age of Igtheon

title:Sryth the age of Igtheon
download page:No link!
developer:Matthew H. Yarrows
platform:Online web brouser
release:2004, ongoing
last edit by:Dark


Sryth is a complex story driven role play game, spanning over eleven thousand pages of game content. As an adventurer in the realm of Tysa you wander the world in search of fame, fortune and the chance to battle dark creatures, evil brigands, new skills and powers, gather mysterious magical artifacts and thwart the plans of the demon Igtheon and his murderous minions who are bent on invading and destroying not only tysa, but the entire world of Sryth.

unlike most brouser rpgs, Sryth is predominantly single player, with little pvp, though player rankings and rewards to diligent adventurers are always forthcoming. As the main interface of the game is narative text with occasional links, it's incredibly accessible to screen readers as well as being highly atmospheric.

roughly 2000 pages of the game are available for free, but the rest require payment of a small yearly subscription to unlock. But with new quests and game content frequently added, it's deffinately a worthwhile investment

additional resources:

the game has a highly active game forum found here and a frequently updated Players Wiki found here

You dcan also Listen to a review of the game here recorded by Bryan peterson for Blind cool tech. please note that while the review shows several early areas of the game and it's mechanics, a lot in Sryth has changed sinse it was recorded.


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