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developer:dentinmud internet services
release:2021, Ongoing
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From Dentin, the main developer of the much beloved and long standing Mud Alteraeon, comes this excursion into the distant future, a time when independent space captains Rome the space between solar systems and nebulae, exploring the space ways, mining valuable ores from planetoids and moons, and trying to make a prophet out in the vast galaxy.

As you might expect, Stellaraeon is a space themed mud game in which players take on the role of independent, pioneer traders, each with their own ship and company. However, it is also rather more than that. Where the main thrust of Alteraeon's gameplay involves battling evil creatures, Stellaraeon has a far more peaceful; though no less entertaining focus.

Rather than intensive space battles, the main thrust of Stellaraeon's gameplay is exploration, trade and building.

As the leader of your own company, your aim will be making money and completing jobs. To begin with, these will involved descending with a ship onto an uncharted asteroid, steaking a mining claimb and deploying your ore spider to journey around a 3 dimensional grid of rooms picking up different ores, then returning to an orbital processing station to refine them into more valuable metals. As time progresses however, so does your sphere of operations. Scan and survey planets in a huge, procedurally generated and ever expanding galaxy, then sell off the data for extra credits. Customise your ship with scanners, thrusters, mining equipment and crew quarters, and later even buy and crew extra ships to add to your company's fleet. Make contact with alien races, and investigate mysterious artefacts across the galaxy, as you grow your renown and make your company a force to be reckoned with.

even compared to other space based muds, Stellaraeon's approach to understanding space and moving is quite unique. Rather than taking place in a full 3 dimensional grid of coordinates, you simply specify the orbit to move to. for example, first orbiting the primary star of a system, then orbiting one of it's planets, then orbiting that planet's moons, scanning and collecting data along the way, as well as getting close up views of some awesome stellar objects.

The 3d grid movement is reserved for the actions of your mining spider, which can tunnel quickly through rock, up down left or right, collecting ore as it goes, making even the usually dull activity of planetary mining an exercise in exploration.

With fuel management, the chance to build or buy different ship components, and the need to higher and manage crew, Stellaraeon will have you thinking that your sitting on the bridge of the enterprise! Though fortunately without the need to worry about klingons off the starboard bow.

Being developed by Dentin of Alteraeon, the game had accessibility built in from the ground up, indeed, even it's galactic coordinates system of orbits and systems is far more easy to understand than a complex 3d orbit model.

To connect to the game, point your favourite mud client to stellaraeon.com, port 4000.

Enjoy exploring strange new worlds.


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