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Super Tile smash

title:Super Tile smash
download page:No link!
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:John Sturt, Woodside aps
platform:Ios, Android
release:January 2017
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Super Tile smash is a fully accessible puzzle game which brings all the fun of such mainstream titles as Candy crush or Jawbreaker straight to your smart phone. Rather like the Pc audio game Block party the game is played on a grid of differently coloured square tiles. The basic principle is easy to understand, though less easy to play. If two or more tiles of the same type are adjacent to each other horizontally, vertically or diagonally, you can tap those tiles to make them disappear and add to your score. Of course, the force of gravity is still in effect, so any tiles on top of those that you destroy will fall down, hopefully giving you the chance to line up yet more tiles and continue your destruction.

So, if there was a blue tile at 3-2, and another blue tile above and left at 2-1, you could tap 3-2 and knock both tiles off. Furthermore, if there was a yellow tile resting on top of that original blue tile at 1-2 and a yellow tile below it at 4-2, once you'd destroyed the blue tiles you could tap either of the yellows and get rid of those too.

Smash enough tiles, and you get to advance to the next level, with possibly more tile types to deal with, however get to a situation where you can no longer destroy any tiles and the game ends.

Fortunately, you do have a few special tile types to help you out. These include the rocket, which rises up, destroying all the tiles in the column above it, the sidewinder, which does the same thing for a row of tiles beside it, or the star, which destroys all tiles in an x around it. Occasionally you will also run across blocks which are indestructible accept by using the special block smasher tile. For the daring there is also the special smasher which activates all special tiles currently on the grid, and the random tile which does exactly what it says, mangles up the hole grid, though of course this is a gamble.

Though the game is one heavily based on spacial logic, there are various options which can help you find out what's on the grid and decide which tiles are best to smash. Firstly, as you move around the grid, you will always be told the row and column position and the tile type, EG 1-1 blue or 4-3 silver. If you activate easy mode, you will also be told how many surrounding tiles will smash if you activate the current tile. Note that since you need to look around the grid in real space, having vertical navigation turned on in Voice over is highly recommended. Also, note the important information displayed below the current game grid including highest level and percentage of tiles to smash to advance, tapping on this information will also let you view the options and instructions too.

Speaking of options, Super tile smash is a very highly customisable game. Play with a variety of different tile sets from basic colours, to flags, card symbols or even types of weather, then change sound schemes from some standard game type sounds to ominous organ tones, dogs or techno beeps. You can also change the grid size from the basic 4 by 5 you begin with, to a massive 17 by 18 if you want a real challenge. Various feedback modes are also available in game too for people with different disabilities, such as a vibrate game feedback which vibrates when you raise a level (though its recommended for visually impaired players to keep the game on speech game feedback which outputs scores and other information directly to Voice over).

Should you master normal game mode, Super tile smash also has a variety of other game types, each with maximum score posting and some with a full online score board, these include:

  • Onslaught type: similar to Super sshifter mode in Block party, when tiles are destroyed, all tiles will attempt to move down and right. Advance by knocking out increasingly more tiles per level.
  • Breakdown game type: Tiles will move down and right as in onslaught, however instead of destroying increasing more tiles to advance, you need to survive as long as possible. Beginning with a score of 25 tiles, any tiles left when you can no longer destroy anymore tiles are deducted from your score. Hit zero and the game is over, though clear the hole grid and you get an extra five tiles added on.
  • Duel: Welcome to the strategic mode of Super tile smash. Take turns to play against the computer choosing which tiles to knock off. Score more tiles than the computer and you win. The duel also has its own global high score table.
  • Onwards: Like a longer variant of the normal game. You start with three lives and lose one every time you can't destroy anymore tiles. On the plus side, for every 100 tiles you smash you earn another life.
  • Match game type: The most different from the standard tile smash game. Tapping tiles no longer destroys them, but causes each column to move up by one cell, Match up two or more tiles on the same row horizontally and you score points, however for each tap of the column you lose points, and when you hit zero the game is over.

The game can be found on the Ios ap store, or the google play store, and costs just two dollars

As with all Ios titles there is This page on Applevis for those interested in finding out more about the game.

though it sounds complicated to explain, Super tile smash is a game that its definitely easier to learn by playing, and those who persevere will find an addictive turn based puzzle game ready and waiting for hours of frustrating fun.


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