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Super Shot

title:Super Shot
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
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Supershot was one of the earliest games produced by Liam Ervan of Lworks back in 2003. Playing the game is extremely simple. Just listen for the rockets in the left, center or right of the sterrio field and hit the corresponding arrow key. As with many games of this type, the faster you are, the more points you get. Thirty rockets a level, and six stages of blasting action mean lots of chances to rack up a high score.

Uniquely to this style of game, difficulty levels do not actually change the speed of the incoming rockets, but other properties of the game. On Medium for example, one miss and your gun will lock meaning that there are no chances to correct your aim if you don't hit the right key. The same is true on hard mode, with the addition of an occasional need to reenergize your gun with the spacebar.

If you complete one of the difficulty modes and have the registered version, you can then play the bonus game in the main menu with the b key. This is a similar round to the main supershot game, but instead of a volley of rockets, here the objects you shoot move to other positions when hit, and while every hit gains a point, every mis loses one.

The game is entirely self voicing, and contains some rather cool sounds and music. Though originally a commercial game, Liam discontinued the game at one point, however thanks to the audiogames archive site the game is now available to download and try out, along with the registration patch Liam released so people could play the bonus game even with the free version, though note that though the game can try to post your score, the scorboards don't exist anymore.

To register the game, just Download the registration patch and run it.

Happy blasting.


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