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Survive the wild

title:Survive the wild
download page:link
developer:Samtupy productions
release:April 2015
features:text, sound
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Survive the wild is a very extensive online role playing game with a more than justified reputation, since it is nothing less than a full online world. In a post apocalyptic wilderness, your job is simply to survive, build items , from pots for storing water, to spears, hammers, fishing gear and boats, hunt animals or fish for food, complete quests and investigate the ruins of the past to find useful items from the previous civilisation like drugs and firearms.

The game has a rather unique interface. Up arrow will set you running in a given direction, while right and left arrows will sidestep and shift with arrows will turn you in 45 degree increments, you can also use page up and down to climb as well. One thing to remember however, is that unlike in most games, you receive no extra information about which direction you are facing without a compass), you'll have to navigate by the sun instead; just remember it rises in the east and sets in the west. As you wander the map you will find a large array of items. You can hit space bar to simply gather a resource at your location such as sand, grass, soil, clay and wood, and use these to create other items. This is done in a rather unique way, since hitting i for inventory will bring up a list of items and you can use the left and right arrow keys to decide which hand to hold the item with. Once you have your items, you can hit t to combine them or hit 1 or to draw an item and space to use it, for example to chop down a tree, find a tree, open your inventory, find your knife, hit one of the arrows then leave the inventory, hit one or two (depending upon whether you put the knife in your left or right hand), then hit space to chop away.

The amount of craftable items in the game is very large, as is the method of crafting. For example to build a fishing pole you will need to carve a couple of sticks into a pole, then combine one of those carved sticks with string and then combine all these peaces together (be sure to check the manual for instructions on building a fishing pole).

With illnesses, the chance to hide in trees, and no forgiveness if your character meats an untimely end, survive the wild is definitely a game for those who really want to see if they can rough it out there.

While the environment of the game is rather harsh, whether or not you wish to be the target of other players' attacks is up to you, since it is your choice whether or not to set a pk flag which allows player killing.

As well as outputting to various screen readers or to MS sapi, Survive the wild will output text directly onto the screen to make the game more user friendly for sighted players too.

Downloading the game and Creating a character is entirely free, but some features and areas of the map are locked. These can be unlocked if a person buys a survive the wild account, which costs 15 usd and is available from the survive the wild store, this will also insure character survival through any server shenanigans, as well as remove some arbitrary limitations on the game, such as a limit of 100 of each item type for the inventory or a limit of only receiving 15 daily gifts a day. In addition, you can buy optional extras such as get out of death free cards and teleporters.

Additional resources

To make life easier and lesson the somewhat difficult learning curve, a group of players known as Bsg, or Black screen gaming have put together a website with extensive guides and huge amounts of information. Answering questions from "how do I cook a fish" to directional information, and even solutions for completing quests, you can check out their excellent website here

Another guide, with further information about quests, crafting and all matters Survive the wild By Jeff Rutkowski may be found here

and if that isn't enough, a bunch of crafting guides created by smoke may be downloadded here

With highly atmospheric music and sounds, a gripping story and an immersive world to explore, Survive the wild is definitely a game that is worth the hype, and comes highly recommended to anyone looking to become part of a truly huge online world.


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