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download page:link
developer:Jeremy Kaldobsky also known as Aprone
release:October 2011, ongoing
features:text, sound, visuals
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Swamp, is a first person shooter in which you take control of a person in the midst of a zombie outbreak in a town that happens to be located near a swamp. The gameplay can seem rather complex, due to the fact that you control your turning, and aiming of weapons with your mouse. However, despite this complexity, getting used to the mouse is a nice challenge, as overall, the mouse makes the game run very smoothly. Using a trackpad or simply moving your mouse will turn you in a certain direction, while the right and left mouse buttons will allow you to run and shoot respectively.

You have access to a large number of weapons including everything from an ax and pistol, to more military grade weapons such as the mp5 and m-60. Each weapon uses different ammo for example, the pistol uses 45ACP ammo, where as the sniper rifle uses 7.62 ammo. Ammo can be found while wondering around the game world and picking it up. You can also find weapons scattered around as well as different types of armor or other items. All of this is called lute or, items up for grabbs. Most weapons also have an alternate firing mode which allows for things like a pistol with silencer or scatter shot for a shotgun.

Another major focus of the game is going on missions. These involve you and whoever decides to go on the mission with you, finding crates of supplys to bring back to your supply truck. This is no easy task, as the wearhouse where this takes place is swarming with hords of zombies who break through the doors and windows to try to make a meal out of you and your friends. There are different level missions and as you might guess, higher level missions are more difficult. Also of note are mini quests, which can also be bought in the safe zone menu. You basically are told to go out and find an item to help with survival. To do this, you must search the buildings on the map to find the item which is represented by a beaping sound. The game's only objective at this point is to survive and advance your character. Every zombie you kill gives you reputation points, which can be used to by items in the safe zone or, can be used to go on missions. In addtion, you will gain experience for completed missions or slaying zombies, and this can be used to advance your character in a number of ways rpg style. When your character reaches a certain level, you have the chance to play in hard core mode where loot is less frequent and gang warfare is possible across various outposts, and if you complete this challenge you will earn special titles or use of different weapons.

The multiplayer aspect of Swamp is it's main focus, with a number of very large maps to explore, missions to complete and even special quests to be discovered. This multiplayer mode is not free, and requires a kaldobski gamer account at a price of 2 usd a month, though not only will this give aspect to all features of Swamp, but also the multiplayer aspect of Castaways and quite likely other games in the future as well.

Without the account, some single player aspects of the game do exist, including the ability to practice and learn your way around the maps without being trubbled by zombies, and to create and play campaignes as they're called, maps created in a special scripting language and run by the game. They the first of these, which serves both as a general tutorial to Swamp, and also something of an introduction to the zombocalypse, can be played directly in the game.

Additional resources

You can Read more about the game in the Official Swamp Wiki found here

For further background and zombifying stories also check out the results of The swamp fan fiction competition

You can also Here A review of the game by Darren Duff

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Or yet This more recent review for version 1.9

Brendan aka Bcs from the forum has also recorded several walkthroughs of the game. The first can be found here , The second here and The third, taking on a mission here

For those who want extensive information on items, maps, quests and other aspects of gameplay, Smoke Jo and the blackscreen gaming team, the same bunch who have such a large amount of information about Survive the wild have provided This extensive archive Which should hopefully help you prepare for the zombie hoards.

Further information about Aprones games can be found The audio archive site


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