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genre:Incremental games
platform:Online, web browser
release:August, 2014
features:text, visuals
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Usually, bugs are the last thing you'd want in a game, however your objective in Swarmsim is to produce as many bugs as possible. Of course, the bugs in this case aren't errors in program code but an ever growing hoard of disgusting squirmy insects who reproduce in the quadrillions.

In Swarmsim, the game revolves around several basic resources, meat, larvae, territory and later energy which are used to grow the Swarm each contained in its own tab at the top of the page.

A short tutorial will get you started by producing drones which start gathering meat, and larvae which multiply letting you create more drones. Enough drones in and you can start creating queens which produce drones at an increased rate, then nests which produce queens and so on. Mean while, extend your larvae hatcheries to produce more eggs which can grow into adult swarmlings. Of course, more hatcheries take territory, and for this you'll need to produce military units which range from fast moving stingers to fearsome devourers.

As you progress, you'll also earn a lot of amusingly named achievements, which also give you production boosts to your larvae, which will be helpful since your swarm can reach truly monumental levels.

Eventually, you will unlock mystical energy stored in crystals which your swarm can use to perform insectile enchantments, such as producing a lot of one specific sort of military unit, generating more territory when you need it. Eventually, you will find that the planet is getting over run with swarmlings, and then its time to move, taking with you a stock of mutigen to infest the next world with an even stronger swarm.

access wise, the game is relatively easy, although given the game's complexity, the interface may take a little getting used to. Tutorial messages and other alerts will appear towards the top of the screen with a "close" button so make sure to read them. Tabs for each basic resource meat, larvae, territory etc can be opened to show all the units producing that resource, including information on current amounts. Each unit is a link which then opens a separate sub screen. note that sub screen contains progress bars, so its recommended for screen readers like NVdA that have audible progress bar updates to turn this off. On the sub screen for each unit you can perform various operations like buying upgrades of that unit, (some of which cost other units), when you have enough resources.

While the game contains many different units, its always easy to see what units you can afford since a "new" message will appear next to the tab, and the unit type that you can afford, though you can toggle the display of different types of upgrades within each unit's individual subscreen.

Under the "more" tab options can also be found to auto purchase upgrades, and view the statistics and achievements panel, which also contains progress bars, though helpfully you can show and hide completed and forthcoming achievements, and change the display order to let you either view your current progress or see what your working towards.

The game is %100 free to play, and you can swarm, mutate and infest the universe as many times as you like. However, if you want some extra crystals that can be converted into energy for the casting of swarm magic, you can buy these in the options pannel under paypal, where you can also login to the game with a username and email address (handy if you ever lose the cookie with your saved achievement).

Unfortunately the game's slightly more advanced counterpart, Swarmsim evolution currently available for Ios, Android and steam iss entirely graphical and thus %100 inaccessible, though fortunately the original game contains a massive amount of complexity and is even still receiving updates.

More about the game can be found Here on the swarmsim wiki

Happy swarming.


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