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Tactical Battle

title:Tactical Battle
download page:link
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Ian Reed
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Tactical battle is not just a game but a full scale audio creation engine made to create maps and long running campaigns that simulate complex strategical warfare. The basic principles can all be learned in the initial "getting started" map pack which can be downloaded along with the game, though remember you will need to provide an email address first.

The game itself involves playing a number of rounds on a grid based map. Each of your units has health, action points and various skills depending upon the map pack chosen, and each turn you must use your action points to move, attack, bolster or heal your units, deploy skills or spells or even equip items to them. The maps also can have different types of terrain with different effects, from spaces that can be set on fire by a spell, to boulders that cannot be passed, or hills that give archers some range for their attacks.

Complex though this sounds, there are many hotkeys available for checking information, and a number of comprehensive user guides both for the initial tactical battle game, and for it's various maps.

The game is self voicing with ms sapi, or your screen reader (hit alt o during game), and also uses some place holder graphics to give visual overview for those that need it.

As well as a number of campaigns included with the game itself, you can also play online against other people, and of course design your own maps to give different sorts of challenges. Though the developer Ian Read is no longer working on the game, many other coders are putting their time and talent into expanding the game and creating more maps to play. For the latest tactical battle news it's recommended to subscribe to the mailing list over at ian-reeds-games-request@freelists.org, or by using the form on the above website.

Brendan, aka Bcs, and Lauren Downy from the forum have also recorded an aaudio walkthru of some of the basic maps. you can Download this here Though slightly out of date as of the current version, it should give a good idea of what the game is about.

Tactical battle has gathered a lot of interest, and thus comes highly recommended, especially for strategy fans . Best of all, it's free!

Though the game does feature an in game download function for getting more map packs, however this provides an incomplete selection of what is available. You can however always visit The tactical battle map packs page or Visit Ian Read's page on the Audiogames archive

Victorious' Demon war cycle

So modified it requires a separate version of tactical battle to run, Victorious Demon war cycle is an extensive campaign of maps. Going from a simple river defence to a full scale set of wars or a journey into dark dungeons, the map features complex elemental weaknesses for spell casters, different types of units from Storm lords and paladins to priests and knights, and over 50 units around at once for a major series of battles.


You can Download demon war here

With maps that range in tone and setting from dungeon exploration to godzilla style monster battles, reliving Starwars clone wars or taking out zombies, Tactical battle offers a massive amount of challenge and experience to even the most hardened gamer, and is thus highly and absolutely recommended.


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