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Tau station

title:Tau station
download page:No link!
developer:Star gazer
platform:Online, web browser
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The age of utopia has come and gone, a time when all human scarcity ended, technology developed to an almost godlike level, and humanity spread out across the stars, colonising many planets, and building a number of space stations. Unfortunately though, nothing lasts, and with a major disaster, the planets were reduced too charred husks, and most of the space stations abandoned to float lifeless in space.

It is a time of rebuilding, humanity arre reclaiming the relics of the past, and once more spreading cautiously through the galaxy, encountering alien races, forging new alliances, trading and warring, and always wary of awakening new catestrophy. Thus begins the tale of Tau station, one part Mmorpg, one part interactive story, one part daily resource management game, all around fun.

Awakening aboard Tau station, you will first find yourself groggy from the clone process which has brought you back into the world. Trying to cure your clone sickness will show you around the station and the basics of the game, from finding items, to training your stats, to gathering rations from the employment centre.

During the game, as you wander around the station, you will find various tasks to do, from talking to npcs, to searching the ruins of the station for equipment, to training your stats in the gym, or taking university courses. Your success or failure at these activities is dictated by your five stats, strength, agility, stamina, intelligence and social. Using each of these stats however will cause it to decrease, meaning that a while of real world time will need to pass before you can perform actions requiring the same stat again. Additionally, your character possesses a "focus", which decreases from %100 (%150 for VIP members), and also needs to refersh before you act again.

If however, you are now wondering if Tau station is one of these daily grind style rpgs, you will be much mistaken. The writing is far closer to that found in an interactive story, with detailed and atmospheric descriptions of all regions, actions and Npcs, as well as the steps taken as you complete missions and find out more about the world.

The game's accessibility is some of the finest you'll find in any web based game, even going as far as having full descriptions for in game avatars and characters, as well as a host of useful headings, regions,and buttonson the page, as well as in game alerts which will likely be read automatically by your screen reading program.

The game's layout is also as easy to navigate as you could wish, with handy headings for jumping around the page, and even buttons to open or close portions of text on the page, or the navigation bar, indeed Tau station uses standard web controls so well, it would likely be a great way for any first time screen reader users to practice their web navigation skills, and have fun at the same time.

With a great atmosphere, a fascinating world and some of the finest accessibility in a web game, Tau station is definitely worth a visit.


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