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The Allure of Wanton Cove

title:The Allure of Wanton Cove
download page:link
genre:Adult Games XXX
developer:Gate keeper
platform:Web browser
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Pitermach


The Allure of Wanton cove is a highly complex single player browser based game set in the Cthulhu mythos of Hp lovecraft. Playing as a washed up Private eye in 1930's America, you are halfway through your next bottle when your partner comes calling. His son has gone missing in the small mysterious town of Wanton cove, a town which brings back uncomfortable memories of a particularly horrific murder you were unable to solve.

Journey through the town, questioning suspects and using your wits, weapons or skills to try and find out what happened to the boy, all while trying to hold on to your sanity in an increasingly nightmarish and bizarre world. Unfortunately, as well as a decidedly increased amount of strange, and probably paranormal activity, Wanton cove is also definitely a town where the normal morays about sexual morality don't apply. Indeed for an unscrupulous person, a lot of fun might be found in the company of some of the freer ladies (and gentlemen), of Wanton cove, though it might come with higher and stranger prices than you could expect.

Though undoubtedly adult in some of it's focus on the erotic nature of the goings on (hence the game's adult genre classification), The allure of Wanton cove is a good step into both the horror/adventure, and rpg genres, with your character having a number of stats that change throughout the game, and the ability to buy and use items which can help you succeed at various challenges as you investigate the mysteries of the small town.

Though it is played in your web browser, Wanten cove is exclusively a single player game and so must be downloaded at the above link, however the fact that it is played through a browser also means it's very easy to navigate with screen readers with buttons to view your stats and many of the choices for your character's actions (erotic or investigative), provided as standard links, though note that the game does not cooperate well with Internet explorer so another browser is recommended.

The game is entirely free to download and play, however those who support the game through the Patrion service, giving an amount of money each month will get access to a patrion only version which comes with a cheat menu which lets you adjust various factors about the game, though note that nothing in the cheat menu is actually impossible to achieve given enough playing through the game and trying different paths and options.

Supporters will also get access to early builds of Gate keeper's other title, Inheritance> as well.

With atmospheric, and at times down right scary writing in the depiction of three dimensional npcs and a complex world as well as detail in it's sexual scenes, it's likely that fans of any horrific adventure might appreciate this one just as much as those who want a bit of naughty fun, though needless to say anyone under aged or likely to be offended by heavily described erotic content should probably look elsewhere.

For details of everything to do with Wanten cove, as well as inheritance and Gate keeper's other titles you can check out The waten verse wiki

More about the game can be found Here on the tfgames site, a hub site for adult games, the page includes links to download both the free and paid versions which might be of help if people are finding the Patrion site troublesome.

Beware the great old ones.


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