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The Boat simulator

title:The Boat simulator
download page:No link!
genre:Simulation games
developer:Nathan Tech
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Since Nathantech have decided to update all of their games to no longer use BGT, The Boat simulator is no longer available for download, but might be back in the future when it's been rewritten.

The boat simulator was nathantech's first game project back in 2012, and thus is simpler than much of their other work, but lots of fun nonetheless. Though slightly more of a toy a serious game, the boat simulator will give you all the fun of driving a couple of types of boat, the smaller rib, or the larger passenger cruser. Though there are no missions or stops for your boat, you can perform many actions as well as steering around and changing your engine's speed, including tying up your boat with ropes, cooking a meal, and putting out fishing lines. You even need to remember to turn the key in the ignition before you can start off.

In addition to letting you pilot around your boats, you can also two smaller, arcade style minigames. The fishing game is a little like the fishing level from the classic Hunter by Bsc games. Wait until the splashing sound of the fish is in the centre of the sterrio field, then press space to throw your net, with more points available depending upon how close to the centre you get.

The second minigame is entitled The pirates are coming" and that is exactly what is happening. The game plays similarly to the fishing game, however rather than a gently splashing fish, you have to wait for the sound of the rowdy pirates to be in the centre, and since the pirates are a rather raucus bunch this is a little trickier, then hit space to fire your inormous cannon to blow those skirvy dogs out of the water.

With a lot of random humour, The Boat simulator is nice for a bit of fun, especially if you want to slay some pirates.


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