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The FreQ

title:The FreQ
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:We Play
platform:windows, Ios
release:December 2012
last edit by:Dark


the FrreQ is a new arcade style action game which offers a very unique twist on the simon or boppit style sound puzzles. The object of the game is simple, first selecting a sound frequency, then hitting spacebar whenever you hear that frequency, whatever destortions weerd effects, doubling of the sterio field or other ways that the game might obscure the sound. With only a limited number of lives and a soundscape that gets harder very time, the object is of course to wrack up the highest score you can. .

there is a short demo of the game available for free, which demonstrates some of the ways that the sound frequency can be mangled and obscured, however the full game is far larger, featuring over 60 different soundscapes, and choice of difficulties, as well as the possibility to play with whatever frequency you want. The game shouldn't break too big a hole in your wallet either, sinse the windows version costs only four euroes, about 5 dollars, while the Ios version can be bought for just two dollars in the Ap store. Unfortunately however, the short demo is only available for windows.

While not a complex game, the FreQ is certainly a good quality entry for what it does, and quite a different challenge to the player than similar games we've seen in the past, so feel free to give it a try.


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