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The Road of life

title:The Road of life
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genre:Simulation games
developer:Igor Gorlov
release:December 2017
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The Road of life is somewhere between a racing game, a trucking simulation, and a serious case of hyperthermia. The time is December 1942, the place is the USSR. The city of Leningrad is entirely surrounded by the German army, cutting off all routes in and out. The people are starving and in desperate need of supplies. Only one route remains to get through the blockade and that is the so called Road of life, driving straight across the frozen surface of Lake Ladoga, braving the German airforce, the cold, and the possibility of a quick and icy end if the truck skids off the road or founders in an ice hole.

This is the scenario in the first English release by Russian developer Igor Gorlov. Drive your huge truck across the icy surface of the lake, skidding around ice holes, trying to avoid gunfire, speeding through zones of thin ice, and above all hoping to stay on target in the middle of the icy road way.

The games controls are simple, turn the key in the trucks' egnician with the B key, then just use the arrows to turn your truck, the up and down arrows to change speed, and the shift key to snap to a compass direction, though remember to change your trucks gears with the a and z keys when yourr speed is high enough. The game also features a number of status keys for checking different peaces of information such as your speed, coordinates, and the location of the next stretch of thin ice, which can be found in the readme.

The game outputs to Nvda, Jaws, window eyes or System access, though note that since it won't output to MS Sapi, one of those screen readers must be present for it to run. (It is however entirely free.

With appropriately chilly atmospheric sounds, a high difficulty, the need to maintain a steady hand on the wheel and a cool nerve, this is absolutely the game for anyone looking for a challenge, as well quite a to what the allies went through during the second world war.

Happy freezing.


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