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The Great Cheese robbery

title:The Great Cheese robbery
download page:link
release:July 2018
features:text, sound
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The Great cheese robbery is a fun and simple single player, strategical board game from Pato productions.

Playing as an intrepid mouse, your goal is to sneak into a house to retrieve a massive haul of cheese. Unfortunately, the house is full of traps and dangers from an especially hungry cat, to mouse traps put down by the residents, plus of course, thievery is hungry work so you'll need to keep a supply of cheese with you at all times if you want to make it out alive.

The game is played on a 100 square board and slightly resembles snakes and ladders. Each turn, roll two dice and see where you land, or roll one dice to go backward. Every turn whether going forward or back takes one food, you start with fifteen by default. If your food drops below ten there is a chance you'll be caught by the cat, with the chance increasing as you loose food. Fortunately, you can occasionally pick up extra food by landing on the small cheese scattered across the board, and of course by finding mother load of cheese on square 15. Additionally, rolling a double three will earn you one extra food.

Of course, there are those traps to deal with, and should you land on a square with a trap you'll be mouse flakes. Rolling double ones however will equip your mouse with a shield that can withstand a trap for a hit. There is also a hidden teleporter somewhere on the board which will randomly change your location too. Make it to 100 and you are able to survive with your cheese intact.

The game can be played in several modes in addition to the normal mode:

  • Forward thinker: removes the option to go back by rolling one die, but lets you earn an extra cheese if you roll any doubles accept double ones which still earn you an additional shield.
  • Quick escape halves the map size to 50 squares, starts you with ten food (so the cat will be after you), but does start you off with a shield.
  • Scavenger: same as normal, accept there guaranteed to be smaller cheeses every ten squares rather than one big cheese at 50.
  • Too much of a good thing: doubles the value of the big cheese, however the smaller cheeses are all poisoned, too many poisoned cheeses would not be a good thing.

The game outputs to Jaws, NvdA or microsoft Sapi and is completely free. It can also be played in English, Arabic, German, Polish, Portuguese or Spanish

Though a simple and relaxing game, amusing messages, funny sound effects and a great use of directional ambience when wandering around the deadly house still make this an interesting game to spend time with.


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