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The Nightjar

title:The Nightjar
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genre:First person adventure
release:April 2011
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Sadly in 2016, Somethinelse utterly abandoned their games and all games development. This means that since they could no longer updating their games to work with current versions of Ios, they've been removed from the ap store, which, given the awesome quality of what was available is a dam shame.

the Nightjar is an audio aventure game produced by the makers of the popular and well known audio horror themed game Pappa sanga. Using a similar engine to Pappasanga, the game takes a different theme, this time plunging you into a world of fear in deep space not unlike films such as Alien, Promethius or Event horizon.

the science ship the nightjar is orbiting around the collapsing star Black Dog, and the crew have just left setting the self destruct behind them. You wake up in the airlock, disorientated and alone, wearing a powered suit and a headset linked to a man aboard a ship called the Night owl which is coming to your rescue. however, space is cold, stars collapse out of fear, and there are two complex life forms aboard the night jar, only one of which is human.

The game takes the form of a high quality audio adventure, with some extremely good voice acting, particularly that provided by noteable English actor Benedict Cumberbatch, as the man aboard the night owl. The gameplay, employing the same interface as pappasanga is fairly simple to understand, if less easy to execute, requiring you to repeatedly tap the left and right bottom corners of the screen to walk, and slide your finger along the top of the screen where a compass lets you change direction. Run too fast, or make too much noise and you may let it! know your there. while it is probably adviseable to turn voice over off for the actual game, the menues and other parts of the game do require it, though fortunately flicking it off is comparatively easy. you'll also want to use the "show video" controls and then hit start game to begin, or go to the "select level" button to choose a specific chapter of the game to play. Sadly the other buttons which do things like go to the somethinelse website do not appear to be labled, however this does not affect starting or playing the game.

The game costs 4.99 usd, or �2.69 in the Uk, and though it was initially only available in the Uk ap store, can now be played all over the world.

aditional resources.

See The nightjar page on applevis for more information about the game.

Andre Louis also has recorded a very extensive audio demonstration of the game which may be Heard here however, bare in mind he plays through a considderable portion of the game, so you might want to listen carefully to avoid spoilers.

You can also Hear this audio demonstration by Darren duff, which is far shorter and less likely to spoil your enjoyment of the story. .

Another complete play thru by forum member Ghorthalon the Dragon can be Hear dhere

With some truly amazing audio sound that produces a very horrific atmosphere, some great acting and a very mysterious story with it's share of twists and turns, the Nightjar is a treat to play, and distinctly worth the price.


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