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The Road to rage I - fires of war

title:The Road to rage I - fires of war
download page:link
developer:Talon (previously DragonApps)
release:July 2012
last edit by:Dark


The Road to Rage brings a new experience to audio games, the famous first person deathmatch! Play online on the dedicated server and enter a variety of audio environments where there is only one objective, gunning down your opponents in as short a time as possible, while avoiding being slane yourself.


While you can play offline against bots, the real meat of the game comes in the extensive online multiplayer match options. Take on other players solo in a free for all deathmatch, or alternately play team games such as capture the flag.

The controls as you would expect from a full first person game take into account 360 degree movement around the character. Move back and forward with your up and down arrows, while using left and right to make snap turns, and use the mouse to fine tune your aim. a number status keys exist to give you information like your health, number of bullits etc, and you can use a radio to give short messages to your various friends or enemies.

As well as the intensive action, one very unique thing about rtr is the ability to play on a number of maps and create your own, giving you various environments to navigate and slay your enemies in from forests to inside a surburban house. Sinse different environments also mean different cover, it's important to use the battleground to your advantage, and to watch out for the footsteps of your enemies and target accurately.

With a variety of game type options and environments available and a large number of weapons to pick up and brutalize your friends with, Rtr certainly has a lot of replay value, and if all this wasn't enough, it's free!

For a quick look at the ggame and an interview with it's developer you can Hear this walkthru by Braden smith and Lauren Downy though note that that was recorded with a rather early beta of the game so things have significantly expanded sinse then.

To find out more about Dragonaps, you can visit The dragonaps page on the Audiogames Archive site

Happy slaying.


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