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The tree that touched the moon

title:The tree that touched the moon
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
platform:Web browser
release:July, 2021
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From the developer of 4x4 galaxy, comes this short, but intense game of spellcraft and exploration.

Centuries ago, Luna, sage of the moon and Sylvana, sage of the woods, together embarked on their greatest work. Putting together their powers they created the moon tree, a tree so huge it's branches touched the very moon itself. Unfortunately, time comes to all things, and so the sages power waned, the moon tree died, and the forests fell silent.

Over the centuries, many aspiring mages have sought to climb the moon tree, to gain the secrets and wisdom contained within the moon itself. unfortunately, (as often happens in these sorts of situations), the moon tree has since become the haunt of dreadful monsters, and so no aspiring student of magic has ever braved it's depths and survived.

Armed with a choice of spells and the ability to quickly learn magic, you decide to enter the moon tree, braving the various nasties it contains, in an attempt to gain the sage's wisdom, thus begins a game of random passages, spell fusion and elemental combat.

Following in the roguelike tradition, the game is intended to be both somewhat difficult, and slightly random, rewarding those who think strategically and best prepare for battle. The game features a number of spells, some of which do elemental damage, such as water, fire or holy, as well as gains spells with various effects, like boosting your own spell power, or cancelling the weaknesses of enemies. Since the moon tree is still very much a magical place, many opportunities exist to gain more spells, or to fuse two spells together to form a new third spell, for example, fusing two fire spells together creates an ignite spell.

In addition to spells, you can gain other rewards on your journey, magical crystal shards with various uses, or a variety of relics which can change how your spells function.

With several different monsters lirking about each level of the tree, as well as nasty bosses at each portal crossing waiting to challenge you,e ven though the game is short containing only three levels, it will still provide a good amount of challenge, and with different spells and encounters available on various playthroughs, and only a limited number of slots to hold additional spells, a challenge which changes each and every time.

In access terms, the game couldn't be easier. Played in a standard web browser window, the game can either be played online above on it's Itch.io page, or downloaded and played offline. Not only is everything in the game completely readable text, but it contains some handy screen reader optimisations, such as the ability to go through all choices by simply moving through different buttons.

Those who enjoy games with a slightly more mystical atmosphere, as well as a nack for strategy and preparation will definitely enjoy climbing this particular tree.


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