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The vortex

title:The vortex
download page:No link!
genre:Adventure Games
developer:Doppio Games
platform:alexa, Google assistant
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The Vortex begins where many games end, with a broken and battered spaceship adrift in vacuum with no sign of life aboard. It also begins with you (the main character of the game), in probably the worst position possible, trapped inside a criopod, in a cargo bar that is about to catch fire, rapidly running out of oxygen and life support. Fortunately, though the ship is mostly dead, the robots and computers are still running, and that is where the game begins. From the inside of your metal box you can still issue commands to the various artificial life forms aboard the ship, and so begin to piece together what happened previously, where the ship’s crew are, why the ship is stalled in the black, and just how you’re all going to get out of this situation.

Uniquely, the game uses the amazon Alexa voices to characterise the various robots, all of whom have different and quirky personalities, from the ditsy gammer, to the pompas beta, and the sarcastic Alpha.

Unfortunately, though you have several robots to help you out of your predicament, you also will need that most difficult of human resources patience, since all of the robots tasks, from searching for tools and supplies, to unlocking different parts of the ship will take time. Additionally, the robots do not run on nothing, and many tasks require robotic fuel known as multigell. You can gain multigell by looking around the ship, however to speed things up you can donate to the game to gain more multigell, with a pack of 25 available for 9 usd, though of course, you can also simply wait to accumulate more.

You should be able to run the game by simply telling Alexa to Enable the vortex, however you can also Find it’s skill page here

with a fascinating story, a unique atmosphere and some genuinely interesting tasks to complete, The Vortex is one of the most interesting experiences available with voice control you will find, and certainly a treat for any budding space adventurers out there.


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