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Tia Story 1

title:Tia Story 1
download page:link
genre:Japanese games
features:text, sound
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This turn-based RPG follows the story of a young man named Tia, who journeys out on a quest to find his missing father and seal away a terrible God. A simple RPG, yet still fun. Movement, battle and most other functions take place via choices made from a menu.

Battle consists mostly of attacking, though there are many items to collect, such as healing items, magic scrolls that can cast spells, and tons of equipment. You can equip one weapon, and one other item, such as a piece of armor, a robe or a shield. There are only 3 characters in your party and no skill or magic systems, but boss battles still take some strategy in careful use of items and elements to win. There are all the usual status affects you're used to such as poison, paralysis and blindness, plus others like petrification and fear. As you gain experience, you will rise in level, gaining more HP and statistics. Each characters statistics rise differently as they level up.

There are 2 endings, one basic ending and an optional true ending. There's a battle arena to fight in where you can earn powerful items, and some extra dungeons and bosses after you've seen the first ending. All in all, it's a pretty solid RPG.

Translation resources

Note that this game will need to be translated or you will need some working knowledge of japanese to play. Ian read has written the Jgt Nvda addon see the instructions here to make the process a little easier.

Further Instructions on what software is required to translate and play the game and how to use it can be found Here in Bladestorm and Fabig94's guide on Japanese audiogames

Thanks to Bladestorm360 for extra information on the game.


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