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Time hunter

title:Time hunter
download page:No link!
developer:Time hunter
platform:Online web brouser
features:text, visuals
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Time hunter is a game in the tradition of many browser rpgs, though with a far simpler and more logical interface

Play one of a number of races from halforcs and giants to astrels and undead, all with varients in talents, strengths and weaknesses and combat bonuses, then journey through a number of time eras starting with cave man and working to advanced futuristic, gaining levels, fighting monsters, completing some short missions and defeating bosses, finding chests along the way.

Each area has several different locations. These include explorable zones full of monsters to fight, areas where you can battle other players, and of course shops to buy weapons, armour and healing potions.

Combat is the usual turn based affair, but also comes with several varients such as spells to use, different damage types and a system of weaknesses and strengths too, not to mention items, indeed combat is a little more involved than it might initially appear on the surface.

one difference from similar games in the case of time hunter is with the clan system. Doing well in the game rewards you clan, as does fighting other players, in fact the pvp aspect is rather strong especially in the unique time hunter arena varient which you can assign characters too, indeed the game has several different varients which you can choose between depending upon your play style, from the combative time hunter arena, to the standard varient, and even a slower one.

Characters gain dayly staminer which as usual lets you participate in battles, however donating to the game can let you create special donator characters who gain significantly more staminer, and also have access to more powerful weapons and armour letting them advance more quickly, indeed one unique aspect of Time hunter as compared to other hack n slash style browser games is the fact that it has a distinctive ending, and once your character hits level 32, has advanced through the various time zones and become a Time hunter it's time to replay, though with some added bennifits.

With a very easy interface for everything from buying and selling to viewing your stats, Time hunter is ideal for first time players of browser games, particularly people who have a combative streak.

Good hunting.


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