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Time of conflict

title:Time of conflict
download page:link
genre:Strategy Games
developer:GMA Games
features:text, sound, visuals
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Time of conflict is the latest game from David Greenwoods' audio company Gma games. This time delving into the world of complex, real time modern warfare stratogy.

producing units such as soldiers, fighter planes, transports, armoured detachments and submarines, you must struggle against the enemy forces across land and sea. Taking cities allows you to create more units, which you may then use to search for and attack enemies, or defend your own teretory against attack in a game that's one part risk, one part warcraft and all parts fun.

The game takes a mix betwene turn based and real time action, where by you take turns moving against the computer, but each time you move a unit it's action is determined by speed as to whether it gets to move first or not. You need to make decisions such as what sort of production to set on cities and units, where to send your troops, what sort of invasion force to send, how and where to setup flight paths for your air force, and what is the best way of repelling enemy bombardment, in a fast pased but complex game of strategical warfare.

The interface of the game also very much deserves a mention. Like some of Gmas other titles, the game can be self voicing with ms sapi, or can output to Jaws, window eyes or system access, and also features standardized menues and a set of graffics which may be of use to those with some vision.

Though, --- -as with many games with audio representations of maps, you may move around with the arrow keys, what makes Time of Conflict's interface truly unique is the amount of context sensative and customizable information available on where your units and the enemy are. You can for instance use a range of lists to find the closest units to whatever unit your looking at (handy if your forces need urgent reinforcements), or find a list of all units which haven't acted or are immediately in combat. The interface options are indeed so complete, that even if you are terrible at mentally overviewing maps, it is quite possible to play Time of Conflict just based distance on the relative distances of units, how long they take to traverse the map and the in game messages about enemy action.

Best of all, innumerable customizations are available to play on different sorts of maps from land based to sea based battles, or even create your own based on famous battles from history.

The demo version of the game will limit you to 100 turns, and only allow you to play on some of the smaller map sizes, however this should be more than enough for getting a feeling of how the game works. As with other Gma games, there is no time restriction, thus you can try the demo for as long as you wish.

Additional Resources.

With it's dynamic interface and complex gameplay, Time of Conflict might take a while to get used to. Therefore, David Greenwood has recorded two tutorials to help ease you into the game.

There is the Basic tutorial covering much of the interface and some exploration of the map.

Then there is the Advanced tutorial which details more about combat and stratogy and shows what playing on a complex map is like.

To find out more about Gma games and their titles, you can visit The Gma games page on the Audiogames archive site


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