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Tomb hunter (NS studios)

title:Tomb hunter (NS studios)
download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
developer:Darkflyer productions
release:September 2018
last edit by:Dark


Anyone who has been around the audiogames community for a while will recall the tragic tale of Tomb hunter from Usa games, a side scrolling action/adventure in long standing development hell which was never finished due to the sad death of its creator in 2016. In memory of Thomas Ward, Mason Armstrong of Darkflyer productions, together with NS Studios Now welcome you to Tomb hunter, an action packed side scrolling adventure.

As curious teenager Fredric, make your way through dark and labyrinthine depths of thirty lost tombs, looking for mystic scrolls, gold and gems. As in Bokerano Daibouken Navigate in a truly two dimensional world, climbing on ropes and ladders, jumping deadly hazards such as fire or spikes, and avoiding a variety of cunning enemies which range from skeletons to bears.

Though the navigation is complex, you have various tools at your disposal for seeing the world around you, such as a spyglass which can be used with shift and arrows, or a camera similar to that in Bokerano Daibouken which can be activated by holding G.

Though the game has weapons which can be used against your enemies, such as swords which can be throne or mines which can be set, those weapons are single use only, meaning its your wits and agility which will carry you to victory rather than just your martial skills, just as in the original Montizuma's revenge game.

As well as navigating complex mazes, needing to find ancient scrolls and other items to progress in each level, you'll occasionally be challenged with puzzles or other challenges too.

Fortunately, though the game has something of a learning curve, you can play an interactive tutorial from the main menu which will introduce you to most of the nastier hazards, as well as the game's principles such as climbing, making running jumps and using the spyglass and camera.

With surprises around every corner, new enemies and hazards in each tomb, challenging gameplay and high quality music and sound, this is definitely a side scroller not to be missed and a game Tom Ward himself, a man who was always looking for more complexity in audiogames would have certainly approved of.

The game outputs to Jaws, NvdA or Microsoft Sapi for a self voicing option. The above link will download the demo which will let you play the first 10 levels for free, but to get access to all 30 tombs, you'll need to buy the game.

Tomb hunter costs 17.5 Usd, that's roughly 15.5 Euroes, or 13.5. Uk pounds, though be sure to check the above website just in case some deals or holiday discounts might be available.

Aditional resources

An audio demonstration of the first 8 levels of Tomb hunter can be Heard here Though bare in mind that since this demo was made before NS studios contributed a lot of sounds to the project, many sounds will be different. mason also demonstrated level 12-15 on his own podcast that can be Heard here

A textual review of the game by amerikranian can be Read here in our articles room

With complex gameplay which will challenge your brain and reaction skills, a large collection of enemies, hazards and surprises, and a rich audio landscape with high quality sounds and music, Tomb hunter is the game everyone has been waiting for and an absolute treat if your a fan of side scrolling exploration.

Happy Spelunking.


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