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download page:No link!
developer:Chedburn networks
platform:Online, web brouser
release:2005, ongoing
features:text, visuals
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Ever fancied becoming a master criminal? Well torn is here to give you that chance. This is a multiplayer online rpg game set in a crumbling suburban concrete jungle where crooks, slum lords, hackers and muggers rule the day.

Create your character, then choose how they develop. Doing crimes will level up your character, however what you do with your levels is entirely your business. You might decide to take self-defence courses at the local gym and become the top brawler in the neighbourhood, or purchase a Pc and try your hand at cyber crime.

Alternatively you could get a comparatively honest job working for one of the other players' shops, stores or clubs, with the eventual goal of owning your own business, ----- corruption and protection rackets definitely included!

The game is also one for the competitive, since though you can perform crimes, the best way to advance is by attacking other players, indeed you can also join a large number of gangs to engage in full scale gang wars or take on organised crimes. together with your fellow gang members, Fail at an attack or a crime (or get attacked offline), and you'll be beaten up or jailed, however neither of these is a particularly long lasting state and rarely causes problems. Indeed, your various statistics such as nerve and energy that let you perform crimes or fight other players refill at a rather fast rate (especially with a premium account), making this not a game you have to wait hours to play.

It's not just all crimes and fighting though. You can also play a large variety of casino games to earn cash, or get yourself a sooped up roadster and compete in motor races. After certain levels of the game, other activities such as owning businesses, carrying out missions, or travelling from torn city to other areas of the world become open to you as well. The game is also continually expanding with new content and occasional giveaways or competitions too.

Accessibility wise, unfortunately the game has become less screen reader friendly over the course of its development. Where as at one time it used primarily standard web controls with list boxes, edit areas and buttons, it now uses tabs and clickable hotspots for different actions, and while most of these are possible to find with screen readers (although slightly more tortuous due to the lack of in game headings and tendency of pages to use in built popups and other none standard fair), some others (such as playing casino games and choosing education courses), are not, so its recommended that if players do come across some access problems in course of their navigation through Torn city, they contact the admins and see if the game's interface can be brought back up to the high standard of accessibility it used to have


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