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Towering tones

title:Towering tones
download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Jeqocon Games
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Towering tones is a remake of the famous Sega Megadrive (genesis), game Columns. This is a puzle action game similar in nature to Tetris in which blocks pregressively fall down from above. The player scores points by matching two blocks of the same kind up horizontall, diagonally or vertically. The twist however comes in the fact that each package of blocks that falls contains not one, but two blocks one atop the other, thus as well as moving them left to right to position them to best advantage, the player also has to decide which block he/she wants on the top or bottom before they land.

As with tetris, if the block pile gets too high, the player loses, and blocks come progressively faster and faster meaning that it gets harder to place them accurately.

In this audio adaptation, the playing field has been reduced to only five squares wide to make life easier, and of course all blocks give sounds. The blocks' vertical position is denoted by how loud the sound is (the louder the closer to the bottom), and the horizontal position by sterrio pan. This does mean, ---- sinse already fallen blocks on the ground also give noises, that often many sounds are playing at the same time, meaning very careful hearing and a good set of headphones are certainly required for this one.

The game was developed using Bgt, see index so you'll need that installed to play it.

With very precise gameplay and even the same music of the Sega original, this is certainly one for puzle fans, albeit that sometimes distinguishing all the sounds is as hard as actually working out your block placement.

To find out more about Jeqocon Games , you can Visit this page on the Audiogames archive site


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