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Traders of known space

title:Traders of known space
download page:link
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Valiant galaxy associates
release:June 2014
last edit by:Dark


Traders of known space is not only the first game from new developer Valiant galaxy associates, but also the first game set in their valiant galaxy universe. In the 31st century, a fractured humanity struggles to survive in a war against mysterious aliens known as the Greys. Like all wars however, there are always those who find a way to prophet from the conflict and are willing to make a fortune against the odds.

Traders of Known space has the player take on the character of a devil may care merchant adventurer with a spaceship and a knack for making a prophet in a hostile universe. Unlike some other games of it's type however, Traders of Known space takes a rather smaller scale approach.

Rather than spanning a complex set of many solar systems with a bewildering host of goods to buy and sell, the virtue of Traders of known space is that it is highly easy to understand and play, though perhaps less easy to play well. The game takes place on a 20 x 20 board which represents the galaxy. There are forty human colonies distributed at random across the board, and as you might expect the object of the game is to buy one of 10 sorts of products at one of these colonies and sell them elsewhere, hopefully at a prophet. Space travel however isn't free, and your ship needs 5 units of fuel per move. Run out of fuel in deep space, and you'll be resorting to sending off a distress beacon which may or may not bring help (and if not your journey will be over).

Of course, space isn't empty. Some squares may contain pulsars, or fields of dark matter that could damage your ship and such hazards are best avoided. Also, there are plenty of other ships in space as well, including pirates and aliens, and unfortunately as a merchant your ship's defensive capacities are limited, and you might find yourself having to resort to bribery or needing to rely on your ship's engine speed for a quick retreat.

If however you can make enough prophets, you might be able to upgrade your ship, letting you withstand more damage from various misadventures, have more fire power or more importantly increase the size of your cargo hold to let you carry a wider variety of goods from planet to planet.

Depending upon the length of time you choose for the game, Traders of known space can be a short, long or even potentially infinite game, all in an effort to score as highly as possible. You can also choose one of three different starting configurations which vary the stats of your ship as well to offer variety in the earlier part of the game.

Traders of known space has been specifically designed to be as engaging to new players as possible. The controls use the arrows to look around the board or navigate the various menus such as for buying products or looking at ship upgrades, and to move the ship simply hit shift and the arrow in the direction you want to move. Various keyboard keys exist to give information (though everything is also available in the status menu). The game also uses fully recorded human speech, and it is even possible to play with the delay of how the speech files are spoken (check the speech delay option), so that each player can work out her/his own preference between natural sounding or speed of delivery. The game is also entirely free.

For a more complete look at the game you can Read the documentation here, which includes background on the various human colonies you visit, the different goods to trade, and the timeline and races of Valiant galaxy.

With an intreaguing setting and highly addictive gameplay, traders of known space is definitely worth a look, for casual gamers and hardcore stratogy fans alike. It is also likely that this isn't the last we've heard of humanity's war with the Greys either.

For more about Valiant galaxy associates and their games, you can visit Their page on the audiogames archive site


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