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download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
platform:Web browser
release:February, 2022
features:text, sound
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Planet trigaea is a hostile world, where alien predators stalk through nightmarish landscapes of twisted metal or alien vegetation, where killer machines track every move, and a savage race of hunters fight with acidic weapons. Yet, this is where you find yourself, lost, and alone without any memory of how you got there. You do have your Ai companion Esra to help, however esra also seems to be lacking memories too.

This is the scenario in Trigaea, an epic science fiction adventure, one part interactive fiction, one part rpg. Leave your base camp to explore weird and alien landscapes, engaging in lethal or none lethal combat with the various enemies you find along the way in search of micro chips. As you gain more resources, have Esra augment your body with a variety of upgrades, from eagle eyes to extra pheromone glands in order to raise your odds of survival, letting you explore further, and hopefully gain the answers not only to your own identity, but to the enigma of Trigaea itself, and the ultimate fate of humanity.

As well as a variety of ways to upgrade your character and different strategies in combat, Trigaea really shines in the variety of choices in its story. Not only can you vary your choices for combat and upgrades, as well as your character's gender and romantic options, but the game features 13 different plot outcomes with a game plus feature, requiring the player to really grapple with some complex moral questions along the way concerning the nature of humanity and what might be justified to survive.

Access wise, everything is standard html style buttons and links so should play fine with any screen reading program, indeed the developer has been more than open to accessibility suggestions along the way, and actively encourages community feedback.

With some strategical fights, a mature and morally complex story, as well as a really awesome soundtrack backgrounding the action, Trigaea might just be the game that rpg fans have been waiting for.


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