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Tube sim

title:Tube sim
download page:link
genre:Simulation games
developer:N A Soft
release:December 2016
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Like their previous title Park boss Na soft bring something very new to audiogames with their latest offering Tube sim. Anyone who has visited London can't fail to be aware of the London underground, the worlds' first underground railway (also called a subway train or metro in other parts of the world. Such stations as Westminster, Baker's street and Piccadilly circus have become famous in their own right. Well now thanks to Nick Adamson and Na soft you can have a very first hand look at the underground yourself without even having to visit London, from inside the driver's cab of a tube train.

Of course, driving a train is far from straight forward. As well as watching out for the speed limit, stopping in place and opening the right set of doors, you'll have to manage a rather surprising number of factors concerning your train, from the rear and front headlights, destination light and cabin temperature, to making sure you make all the correct stop announcements to your passengers, and don't forget to request permission from control before you depart.

Of course the driving itself will take practice, especially since excessive use of your air breaks is not going to keep your passengers happy, and like any good railway you'll need to make sure that you run on time down to the very minute despite last second changes of speed limit or unexpected stop signals.

Fortunately, despite a lot of information to take in; the game begins at driving school where a number of lessons will explain the controls and how to use them, and give you advice on driving safely. Once out of driving school, a variety of missions from easy to difficult wait to challenge you, everything from preparing a train early in the morning and taking it from the depot to your first stop of the day, to completing a full run of London's circle line at peak time, when trains are at their busiest.

In addition to the missions, you can choose to take a more direct workaday shift, specifying the line, starting and ending station or depot and the time of day. After each mission or run, you will have both a customer service and safety score which will change according to the standard of your driving and any complaints you receive. Fortunately, a driver's report will be generated and coppied to the clipboard, either for bragging rights, competition on The tube sim online scoreboard found here, or just as a way to let you review your performance and see where you might have gone wrong.

As well as completing missions or runs across the underground, Tube sim also has a series of badges to earn. Some you will earn for visiting specific stations or visiting all the stations on a given line, some you will earn for distance travelled, some for achieving a good score, either way, earning them all will provide you a good amount of work and a good deal of commuting.

The game is self voicing for the most part, along with a very intensive and detailed interactive tutorial and setting, though some aspects of the game also interact with Ms Sapi. The game will run on all versions of Windows, and unlike riding on the London underground, it's absolutely %100 free (and doesn't even require an Oyster card).

the above link will download an installer for the game which will create program shortcuts etc, however if you would prefer a plane, portable zip version, you can Find one here. For a more complete idea of the game, you can find an audio trailer on the above homepage (just look for the play button), or Read the documentation here, though note that the driving school in the game itself provides a much more fun and interactive way of learning all the game's controls and how best to safely run your train.

While the game's soundscape is truly exceptionally produced and highly atmospheric, if you fancy a change in how the game sounds, Tube sim does give you the possibility of creating and sharing your own soundpacks, see This page to find a couple that have been created, and don't forget to contact Nick Adamson if you create more so he can share them on his site.

With an astonishing attention to detail, an immersive audio environment, and gameplay that is surprisingly complex and addictive (not to mention an intense knolidge of The London Underground), Tube sim is highly recommended.

Don't miss the train!


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