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Turf wars

title:Turf wars
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developer:Mean free path
features:text, visuals
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Turf Wars is a game of a style that will be familiar to many, but with some distinct twists of it's own. The game takes place in the world of organized crime, where life is ruled by the principles of respect, reputation and loyalty, and of course violent reprisals against the competition.

Turf wars will give players the chance to rise from lowly street punk to Godfather, maybe even becoming capo of their home city, eliminating rivals, making alliances, performing crimes and taking turf along the way.

Many of the principles in the game will be familiar to people who have played battle based online multiplayer games before. Earn reputation and experience by battling other mobsters around you, buying weapons to equip yourself and occasionally doing crimes while you collect more cash from the turf you have claimed. .

The game has three basic stats, energy which is used to perform crimes, (higher level crimes taking more energy), staminer which is used to attack fellow mobsters, and health which is lost on attacks. All refill at a constant rate of one point each five minutes, although early refills can be bought by exchanging credits (the game's donation currency). Also, the amount of each stat a player has can be raised by putting skillpoints into it when levelling.

The really unique thing about Turf wars, is that instead of buying some nebulous in game item such as land to increase your half hourly cash flow and raise your influence, you gain turf in the real world. A map based on your current location in your home city is displayed with different squares marked on it, each square a section of Turf you can claim. Some sections of Turf might need you to pay protection money to someone else, or might need to be wrestled from the control of your fellow mobsters, though of course once you've claimed some turf, you can buy guards and other defensive upgrades to defend it, though bare in mind such defenses might be costly. You can claim turf in as many cities as you have allowance, and even claim turf in other countries if you purchice plane tickets in game and live close to an airport in the real world. .

Of course, inviting your friends to join your mob is a great way to defend yourself and your turf, sinse for each person you invite you will gain the ability to use more weapons in combat, (remember this before you attack another crook with a load of powerful friends at her/his back). Each player has an invite code, a random set of letters and numbers that you can give out to friends to have them join your team, though for a small donation of credits you can customize your code to something more memorable.

The really impressive thing about the game are the access improvements. The layout will be familiar to anyone who has played similar games before, with an interface with your vital statistics at the top, and a number of tabs across the bottom such as home, mob and turf map that take you around the game, also listing when they have new updates such as new mob invites or news of attacks on you and your turf. However, what is unique is that all the buttons and controls in the game (even the more complex parts of the Turf map),have lables that are not just correct, but informative, for example the familiar "back" button will always tell you which page your returning to, so for example if you've just healed at the doctor and are going back to try another fight, voiceover will say "back, doctor" on the button in the top left.

The game also has an access section in it's help documentation, and further fixes are being added on a regular basis as new features in the game are created.

The game is entirely free to play, but the Don found on the home screen sells some handy extras that can only be bought with credits, such as special loot boxes, custom invite codes and even henchmen for your mob. Credits can be bought here to as an in ap purchice, though also note credits can be obtained by watching advertising videos or just levelling up your character. Bare in mind if you choose to watch the adds, some of the adverts don't have a back button to return to the game, however just double tap home to get to the ap switcher, flick right to Turf wars and three finger swipe up to close, then reopen the ap again and you'll be back at the home screen with your shiny new credits. Apart from these however, the game is absolutely %100 add free.

As usual with Ios games, there is This page on Applevis

For anyone with a ruthless bent and the desire to become the most feared mobster in the world, Turf wars is a must play, particularly for it's excellent accessibility and unique relationship to the real world. .


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