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Twilight Heroes

title:Twilight Heroes
download page:link
developer:Quirks media
platform:Online web brouser
release:2006, ongoing
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Twilight Heroes is a game partially based upon (and using some similar mechanics to), Kingdom of Loathing Accept that instead of playing one of a number of crazy fantasy themed character classes, you play as one of various types of superhero.

Using either your gadgits, interlect or brute strength, you set out (with appropriate cape and costume), to clean up the crime filled and mob controled Twilight city, where even the muggers don't want to be out at night alone.

As in Kingdom of loathing, You can choose to adventure in a number of areas around the city, ---- with more areas being unlocked as you go through the game. There are a number of quests to find as you play through the different encounters, and of course the chance to equip different weaponry and armour, or spruce up your Superhero lair with a few nifty devices.

One key difference in gameplay (besides the setting0, betwene KoL and twilight heroes is the concept of time. You have a much greater number of turns, but as real time progresses so does time in twilight city. Some game locations may only be visited at certain hours, sinse afterall not everyone has the same super powers as you when it comes to staying up all night.

the game is also entirely free to play, though if you donate you can be rewarded with silver and gold stars, which give significant boosts to your various stats.

Screen reader wise, Twilight heroes is highly accessible, with many labled immages and locations, and the main medium of conveying infromation being text, however it's worth noting that the interface customization options present in Kingdom of Loathing haven't made it across into Twilight heroes, so you might find yourself pressing down arrow or tab a lot to skip past link lists, ----- nevertheless, the game is rather fun.

Additional Resources.

if you want some more information about starting out on your superhero crusade, you can click here to read the game manual

further and highly detailed information about Twilight heros can be found Here in the game Wiki

And of course, you can always ask other players or just brag about your ultrapowerful powers of power here on the official forum


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