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download page:link
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Jeremy Kaldobsky also known as Aprone
release:September 2015
features:text, sound
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No, Umart isn't an alternative to the Itunes store, though it is all about making money. In Umart, you take control of your own business, and like any business the object of the game is to screw as much money out of the marks, ---- mmmm, I mean fully satisfy your loyal customers by predicting what will sell and what won't.

As with many of Aprone's games, Umart is easy to learn but much more difficult to master. Just use the arrow keys to select an isle, and enter to buy a stock of an item to sell, and hit plus and minus to decide on price. You do have the powers of a market research team on hand who can help you estimate what will sell and what won't and how your competition is doing, though their services aren't free. Once you've bought items, hit spacebar to allow time to pass and see how things work out, though bare in mind you can pause and restock any time by hitting space again.

Make enough cash and you can expand your store with extra isles and more employees, (though you might need to pay them extra wages), to help get stock moved faster. If you can survive for five years without the lone sharks bighting, then you'll have completely saturated the market and can expect to dominate the commercial world forthwith.

The game can output to microsoft sapi, or a number of screen readers, and unlike virtually everything that goes on inside the game is completely free, though any donations to Aprone are greatfully recieved.

Happy selling.

Further information about Aprones games can be found The audio archive site


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