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Undead Assault

title:Undead Assault
download page:link
genre:Top-down Shooter
developer:Manuel Cortez
last edit by:pitermach


Undead Assault is a game heavily inspired by the Zombie mode of the recent Call of Duty games. You join a team of other people, whether that be strangers in a public game or friends in a private session, to take on hordes of an increasing number of zombies. If this on its own doesn't sound appealing to you, the game also offers you a number of additional powerups, from bigger guns, to different kinds of drinks that improve various abilities of your character. Working together is a very big part of the game, as obtaining these special items takes time, which considering you are being constantly hunted by the titular undead, you don't have a lot of. Your team mates are also the only people who can revive you if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being eaten by a zombie and if all of you get eaten at once, it's game over!


The game is played from a first-person top-down perspective. You can walk your character in the 4 compass directions and fire your weapon in the direction you're facing. A targeting beep will let you know you have lined yourself up for a good shot. The game can be played either using a keyboard or a gamepad. Everything you do is accompanied by excellent music and sound effects as well as some entertaining dialog. The game can be played in a number of different languages, and help with translation to even more is very much welcomed by the developer.


Undead Assault was initially released in 2016 and enjoyed success for a few years. However, due to increasing maintenance costs and other commitments, the developer had to shut it down and suspend development. That is until this year, when the Blind Games Russian community offered to donate both money and hosting space to revive the game. As a result, you can expect a number of big updates coming in the near future that enhance the immersion with environmental and spacial sound, as well as add additional weapons, game modes and features.


Even with the additional support of Blind Games, the developer still very much encourages additional donations to keep the game up for as long as possible and expand it even further!

Additional Resources

The above download link is for the international version of the game. If you speak Russian and are a part of the Blind Games community, you can find a special, Blind Games edition of undead assault on its downloads page. New versions of the game will be released for members of blind games first before being ported to the international edition 2 weeks later. If you don't speak Russian, don't try to download the blind games edition as signing up for that site requires being able to actually speak Russian and if players who signed up just to play new versions first by attempting to use a translator will get caught, they will be banned on both versions!!


PG13 have done a stream playing an older version of the game. The sound effects have since been upgraded, so don't be surprised that the game sounds different on this stream


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