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Universal paperclips

title:Universal paperclips
download page:No link!
genre:Incremental games
developer:Frank Lantz
platform:Web browser, Ios, Android
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Universal paperclips begins simply enough. As an artificial intelligence tasked to create more and more paperclips, your job starts small. Click the button to make more clicks, buy auto clickers to do the job for you, buy more wire when you look like running out, and raise or lower the price per paperclip to keep up with customer demand. However, as an Ai with one simple task, there might be other ways of maximizing your paperclip production, like maybe getting those useful humans to trust you a bit more, so that you can buy more memory to increase your operational cycles, or more processors to speed them up, that way you can dream up some fascinating projects, from improving your auto clickers, to getting your humans to trust you even further. Eventually, start running tournament simulations to earn Yomi, a term denoting your ability to get inside the heads of others, and you can further improve your paperclip production, from hypnotising humans, to playing the stock market and cornering the entire economy, to making a cure for cancer or achieving world piece, after all more trust means more paperclip production. Eventually of course, those pesky humans will have to go, I mean their bodies are made of matter, matter which will be needed to create paperclips, and after you’ve finished using the sun’s energy to convert all of this planet to nothing but paperclips, well there is a big universe out there full of matter that is not paperclips, so better build your probe army and start converting.

For the most part, The game’s accessibility couldn’t be easier , with everything being standard web controls such as buttons, edit areas and combo boxes. Note that a log of game events shown just above the “make paperclip button” is often helpful when you create upgrades, and that new possible upgrades appear towards the bottom, as well as little minigames associated with those upgrades such as quantum computing or playing the stock market.

whilst the game does not have headings, there are some handy separators on the page which can serve almost as well, since Jaws and NVDA can skip between separators on a web page with the s key. The only slightly complicated matter, is that resources tend to be shown next to their respective upgrades rather than in a single table, meaning it’s often necessary to dot around the page slightly.

The only truly inaccessible part of the game is the quantum computing minigame. This shows a picture of several microchips which light up. If the player hits the “compute” button whilst the chips are in a lighting up phase, they get increased operations, however if the button is hit whilst the chips are dimming, the player loses operations. Since the increases and decreases are noted in text above the compute button, it’s easy enough to hit “compute” and see whether the chips are things are going positive or not. This does mean that several strategies employing quantum computing to get more than your maximum operations are less easy to implement, but since you’ll always gain operations anyway, it’s not a complete loss.

The Browser version of the game is entirely free, whilst the Android and Ios versions cost just $1.99, though are just as accessible as the main game.

Additional resources

As is usual with Ios releases, Universal paper clips has It’s own page on Applevis found here

Whilst Universal paperclips is a trifle more complex than most incremental games there is This very comprehensive wiki, which contains a lot of helpful tips and strategies which might be useful for getting into the game.

The game has also received a great deal of attention even It’s own page on Wikipedia

With a dark sense of humour, several minigames, mechanics that are a little more complex than most incremental games and a premise which is as scary as it is fun to execute, Universal paperclips should appeal to incremental and strategy fans alike, as well as anyone who has ever wanted to conquer the universe with office supplies.


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